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  1. Great people. Pleasure to deal with
  2. New Grouping just picked up. SSgt Peter Seniawsky, a waist gunner on “Big Moose” and “Ruthless” of the 8th Air Force. Was a member of the Caterpillar club, winged boot club, and goldfish club. Evaded capture and his story is been told in “Black Thursday”. The caterpillar certificate is presented on a wood plaque in 1943
  3. Looking to reunite Purple Heart and Silver Star named to Peter Saniawsky. Thank you
  4. I think the American might represent the ladder or hose company. So for example 2nd American Ladder/Hose of the P...Fire Department
  5. I agree with Reforger here. It may be an old stock ribbon replaced. I seriously doubt all three pieces were together when issued.
  6. Looking for PH to Maurell B. Crosland. Please let me know of any leads
  7. Really nice photo of helmet soldier with an M43 jacket it looks like. Has a name Darwin Williams on the reverse
  8. I was lucky to save it. The jacket is is really good condition with 2 year deployment bars. Having the papers and the mini CIB make it as well
  9. Recently came across an a 175th infantry regiment grouping from a soldier from West Virginia during the war. The son whom I met said hes grown children had no interest in the grandfathers belongings so I told him I would take care of them for him. He landed in Omaha Beach on the early morning of the 7th as he was a reserve for the invasion. He mentioned they still had heavy contact on the oustskirts of the beach with sniper fire and engaged in firefights with the Germans. He was a machine gunner according to his discharge papers and from what the son told me. He also mentioned he was wounded s
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