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  1. here's my '70 before i started working on it. somebody took my pic and made a meme out of it
  2. sure wish this thread still had all the pictures! i think i've got a winner coming, i'll throw some pics up when it gets to me
  3. nice one! a garand is one of the few firearms here in the US that regular folks can still get delivered directly to them via our civilian marksmanship program
  4. sign me up for the either w.h. or b. nollkamper club, i'll try and post some pictures here afterwhile
  5. If I hadnt cracked it Id think the same, I could find 0 evidence of them existing in his form
  6. Also, I bought a grey and red version packed 12/5/1944 that was swelled up like a football so I cracked it open Inside was all the regular stuff but with malted milk tablets that Ive never seen. Here is a package along with the C biscuits
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