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  1. Hi...I am still just in the research and planning stages of the suit configuration and details...and are you sure the AP-22S is Orange? can you post a link to an image of it online? thanks for jumping in on this project...I appreciate your interest George
  2. Hi...yes some but still looking for any assistance I can get...I did get some photos emailed from Air and Space Museum of which many are already online but they are very hi-rez... why do you ask? Can I help you with anything or is it just curiosity?
  3. homerj...thank you!!! I was never notified of your reply and these great photos! So thankful...do you have any further info? how did you come to own it? By any chance any info or photos on the Mark iv flight suit? thnx
  4. boxerdogi...hey, thanks very much for sending the link...I have been searching for quite a while and nothing like this has come up...wish I had the $$$ to compete for it...at least I got some screenshots...thanks again!
  5. hi boxerdogi...thanks for the tip but I am not able to find it...I did see a repair kit for the Mark IV life vest, but no life vest...there was also a US Airforce Mark IV anti exposure suit but of course, that's a whole other animal...thanks anyway
  6. Hello...I am hoping to find someone who can show pictures of the area beneath the folded up "flaps" on the front of this Mark IV life vest...I have been told they conceal the inflators...I am trying to fabricate a replica for a US Navy Mark IV high altitude flight suit that I am also fabricating...any help would be much appreciated...
  7. Hi boxerdogi and thank you very much! you wouldn't happen to know where to find a picture of one with the flaps unfolded would you? or, do you happen to know a collector who owns one? I am trying to create and accurate replica....thanks again!
  8. Hi...I have a couple of questions about the US Navy Mark IV full pressure flight suit... 1. what by what "name" would you call a couple of patches (chest and sleeve) on this suit...see attached pic... 2. and on the life jacket or life preserver he is wearing, what is under the two pockets on the front of the vest? they may not be "pockets" but could just be the lower portion folded upwards? my guess is they conceal some "pull cords" for inflation, anyone know?
  9. Hi...can anyone suggest where to find and what to call patches like these? Or who could fabricate them in case they are just not available anywhere? They were the chest and shoulder patches on the Navy Mark IV full pressure flight suits...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
  10. Hello and glad to be here...I am in process of trying to fabricate a "museum quality" replica of the US Navy Mark IV full pressure suit and its attendant equipment...most particularly the Mark 4 life preserver, the helmet and the suit itself. As many of you may know, the suit was the foundation for the early Mercury space program suits and I am also interested in creating one of those suits next but wanted to start with fabricating this first. I have read with interest a few threads with some great history on these suits but would love to chat with folks that have actual access to these object
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