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  1. More pics. Any idea what they might be worth?
  2. We have a local architectural salvage place nearby in Maywood, IL that was originally an armory. Maywood has a storied history of having many soldiers who served in WW2, particularly at Baatan. On a recent visit, they had a box of free items that were salvaged from somewhere in the building. Unfortunately, this was all that was left. They said that items were from the 50s. I'm not familiar with rigs and gear. Any idea what this was used for? There is also a brass item which looks quite a bit older. Any thoughts what it was to? Chris
  3. chcole1

    Crack Co disk?

    Just saw this on EB. Collar disks aren't my area of collecting but I was just curious. Is this a legit disk or some kind of fantasy item? Was a unit officially known as a Crack Company? Chris
  4. I have all their books in my collection, except for the new Ranger one. Now when my 23th year old daughter complains that she never knows what to get me for Christmas, I'll have an answer. Chris
  5. I cant find any HXP on the CMP store anymore.
  6. Yeah thats not the first time I did that.
  7. Yeah, I believe you are correct.
  8. Sorry M1aShooter, to answer your other question, it's a Service Grade M-1 from CMP.
  9. Yep, it's M2 Ball ammo. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/sellier-bellot-30-06-springfield-m1-garand-ammo-150-grain-full-metal-jacket-sb3006m2-p-77539.aspx
  10. Thank you. Can you tell me if the number on side with the Ordinance Wheel is considered a serial number?
  11. I did pick up some Sellier & Bellot ammo for it. Hoping to brave the Northern IL cold and get out to the 200-yard range this weekend. I'll share the results if I do–unless it's too embarrassing. Chris
  12. One more pic. This is the only damage to the stock.
  13. I received this M-1 from the CMP a few weeks ago. I hoped for one that was close to WW2 era that was a shooter. I'm very pleased with what I received. I know from the serial numbers that the receiver is from March of 43 and the barrel from June 46. Only cartouche marks are the Ordinance Wheel and the "P" proof mark with serifs. I haven't had a chance to strip it down yet, but plan to soon. If anyone can help me with dating the stock and the rest of the rifle, I'd really appreciate it. Also, any suggestions for what to look for once I break it down, so I can date it, that would be gre
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