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  1. I'm working on listing of these by number, but it is not complete yet, and I haven't come across your number yet. I will post if I do.
  2. m1903

    Marine 1779

    Nice job, I miss my days in the iPMS, always learned new techniques to improve my models.
  3. Thanks, I would say that is correct
  4. Can anyone id the collar disk in this photo ? 1st Pa Inf Co K at the time of the Mexico Expedition,. The other side is 1 over crossed rifles over K but I'm not sure what this one is. If you have a clear photo of the disk that would be most helpful. Thanks.
  5. Sorry numbers above 130xx are rarely attributable, and may not have been issued.
  6. Yes, this is issued to Pvt Harry Burns, Ambulance No 2 Here is the card from the Pa Archives
  7. Not sure if there is much interest in these, but I started compiling a list of these by number , I'm about 2/3 complete. AFAIK there is not another source for this. If you have one and need to know the recipient post your number and I will reply if I have info available, some of the numbers are very light, and some outright illegible so there will be gaps.
  8. What company and regiment of the 17th was he with ?
  9. I believe 2nd Lt, If I remember correctly 1st Lt are silver
  10. I posted one on the forum a while back that was to a crew member of the CGC Walnut, WAGL 252 which was based at Pearl, and was in the harbor at Midway on Dec 7th. Unfortunately the recipient was not on her at that time. My Navy GC recipient served on the sub tenders Savanna and Argonne, I believe they were both at Pearl, but again after the recipient had left.
  11. I think they should have glossed over Pearl Harbor and stuck to the battle, maybe started with the carriers returning to Pearl after the attack. The movie really skipped important details, like the attack on the Aleutians. They also didn't do a good job of portraying the confusion of the Japs arming and re-arming their planes which led to the carriers, and the CAP being out of position being vulnerable. The original is still much better.
  12. Is # 16828 awarded for Vietnam service to Charles T Thieles in the custody of any of our board members, would like to reunite it with his Arcom.
  13. I also have one that is boxed, but no paperwork.
  14. Hate to hijack your thread, but does anyone have #16828 ?
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