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  1. Yep, that might be a tough one to nail down.
  2. My mothers side of the family are from Greensburg ( and Uniontown nearby ) , I wonder if they knew him.
  3. I didnt know wher to post this, but I think it is a worthy topic. I came upon this while working on my list of Pennsylvania Mexican Border Medals. Color Sgt Joseph F Ruettger, 18th Inf PNG. He is 61 years old and has continuous service from 1871, If my math is correct that is 45 years. I'd bet he was tough as nails
  4. Nice niche to collect, most that I have seen are pretty cheap.
  5. I would suggest an army good conduct, they can be had for as low as $2.
  6. I'm working on listing of these by number, but it is not complete yet, and I haven't come across your number yet. I will post if I do.
  7. m1903

    Marine 1779

    Nice job, I miss my days in the iPMS, always learned new techniques to improve my models.
  8. Thanks, I would say that is correct
  9. Can anyone id the collar disk in this photo ? 1st Pa Inf Co K at the time of the Mexico Expedition,. The other side is 1 over crossed rifles over K but I'm not sure what this one is. If you have a clear photo of the disk that would be most helpful. Thanks.
  10. Sorry numbers above 130xx are rarely attributable, and may not have been issued.
  11. Yes, this is issued to Pvt Harry Burns, Ambulance No 2 Here is the card from the Pa Archives
  12. Not sure if there is much interest in these, but I started compiling a list of these by number , I'm about 2/3 complete. AFAIK there is not another source for this. If you have one and need to know the recipient post your number and I will reply if I have info available, some of the numbers are very light, and some outright illegible so there will be gaps.
  13. What company and regiment of the 17th was he with ?
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