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  1. 1980s ROK Marine. I believe these might have been private purchase. As far as I am aware, the standard boots of the time were black suede boots
  2. Thank you! Yep these were in and out pretty fast. I think the next variation was the cotton sateen version in 1956. I got this one to start up a USMC 1958 Lebanon display. There are a surprising amount of P41 uniforms still visible though in period photos compared to these P53 uniforms.
  3. I have been combing ebay for several months and the P53 shirts aren't exactly common, but there was generally at least one or two for sale at any given time (you might have to jockey around with your search terms). However, I've only seen the trousers legitimately on sale once. There are a few listings from vintage clothing sale accounts that seem to deliberately misidentify these as WW2 era P41 trousers and overprice them accordingly. Same situation with the later cotton sateen P56 trousers, the shirts are available, but the trousers rarely seem to come up comparably.
  4. The camera distorted the color a great deal. The shirt has retained the vast majority of its color and the stamps are still pretty crisp. Even the size stamp is still readable. I guess I just need to pick up the trousers now. A couple shirts have been popping up but no trousers for the past couple months.
  5. I apologize for reviving such an old thread but it came to my attention that a youtube user commented on the video that an aircraft carrier that appears in the video at 8:00 appears to be CVN-65 USS Enterprise with its distinctive cube shaped island design which wasn't commissioned until 1961. Not the first time I've been wrong but I think this is a case of a bunch of film from different time periods being spliced together.
  6. I have a pair of Mcnamara boots that I have been using as stand ins. Could be the guy. I picked the lot up from a store in Kirkland, just north of Seattle.
  7. I have no idea how to judge age related damage vs. regular old wear and tear. Thank you though.
  8. I think the outside surfaces are pretty scuffed and dried out? I am not too sure how to describe it as I have not really worked with leather before. I am interested in doing some reenacting at a local museum so I would like to try and revitalize these a little bit. (I don't intend to do walk any serious distance in these given how uncommon they see to be).
  9. I picked up several P56 shirts and trousers, one og107 shirt, a utility cap, and a pair of M1951 boots, all named to a T. D. Augerson. He was a shore party marine and his caps and trousers have the red patches. Does anyone know how I can restore the exterior of the boots?
  10. How much do these generally go for?
  11. I apologize but it has already been sold. I resolved to keep it for a while but then I stumbled upon a first pattern M1955 Vest and acquired it without selling a kidney. So I kind of spiraled into building up a Vietnam USMC Display from there.
  12. I got an obituary. Apparently the guy was a MP in Italy and enlisted in 1942.
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