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  1. Happy thanksgiving thank you for your help. I trust everyones judgment on this. Thank you -charles
  2. Hello, thank you for the comment, I agree with you. The pads, paint, and rhino do seem a little too new for the helmet, the only thing thats really giving me a used vibe would be the retention system. When I compared it to some pictures of a nonissued one the evidence of it being used at one point is clear. Ill post some pictures of the inside of the helmet without some of the pads and some of the scratches on the paint. Thank you -Charles
  3. I believe you are right about the pads but they show a little bit of wear. The helmet retention system looks well used, the chin strap has a yellowish color to it. The paint does look a little new but there are chips and scratches on the sides and top so Im confident that the paint wasnt put on right before it was put up for sale. I contacted the seller of the helmet when I first started digging around to see who used this helmet and he said he picked it up at a flee market in St. Louis. Flee markets and antique shops are known to have fakes but they can be a gold mine for forgotten items. Hop
  4. Here are the pictures you asked for, thank you for your help! -Charles
  5. I picked up this ACH awhile back off eBay and upon further inspection I found a name and possible unit attached to the helmet. The name inscribed on the inside is Taunton and the possible unit is 4-7 Im not 100%that this is a unit. It could be an issue date or parts of a serial number. 4-7 does trace back to 4th battalion 7th special forces group, 4-7 marines, Calvary and infantry. The custom paint is more inline with what a sf soldier would do. The exterior of The helmet features a NVG mount, three Velcro anchor points. 1 anchor point on each side of the helmet and 1 point on the back. On th
  6. I bought a Vietnam era field jacket belonging to an Abraham of the 187th airborne division. I visited the shop I found the jacket and discovered the persons jump boots from the Korean War and hisnUSA shooting team jacket! His mane is Johnie Abraham SSG his serial number is 552 52 5925. If anyone can has a website suggestion that is good for researching an individuals military history please let me know. (Picture of the field jacket included for reference to prevypost on it)
  7. I believe it is navy. Im not the best when it comes to ranks. Im only going off what the paper said.
  8. These are some pictures of a class A Ive had for while, it belongs to Melvin L. Wright of the US 6th army band. This includes his cap, belt, slacks, and dress tunic. I found his income tax refund from 1965 in one of the breast pockets along with his name tapes. The paperwork has his commanding officers name who was a Master chief. The pink document states that at the time of his refund he Wright was in the army for 36 months and he enlisted on July 15 1963.
  9. I picked up this nice pair of jungle boots today from a antique shop. It is a size 8 wide made by CIC and it dated 1968. Overall a nice find.
  10. I found a really nice Vietnam era field jacket in an antique shop today. It is all complete with name tape, combat infantry badge, jump master patch, and unit patches. Ive never seen a airborne patch like this so if anyone can shed some light on it, then it would be a big help.
  11. While watching Ken Burns The War I noticed in some footage of Marines landing on Iwo Jima had their faces painted white or grey. Im curious to find out why they did this. Was it just sun screen or was it to scarel the Japanese?
  12. It is in spectacular shape. When I saw it I expected the liner to be practically gone or in fubar shape.
  13. Very interesting! Thank you for pointing this out to me. Ill see what I can dig up from google.
  14. Here is what I believe to be a navy lid. Unsure. It is painted marine green. Unsure why it would be painted this way(if anyone knows why it would be painted green, please let me know.)
  15. It is an interesting color. Im pretty sure thats not a standard color. Ill do some research on it to clarify if Im right or wrong.
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