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  1. Thanks Matt, It was really surprising just how much information is out on the web about the submarine and captain and crew, their admiral "Christie" he sounded like an interesting guy, the battle and as I scanned the book silent victory hoping for some clue about my compass, I had no idea I'd find a passage in the book I could only dream of. Still everytime I read those paragraphs I feel instantly transported, holding the binnacle I can almost smell the burning fuel and feel heat waves from flames of the burning tanker. Kind of cool too, although generic and the book cover art could have been
  2. Thanks everyone for looking and comments Fun to show it off and I think it was tired of hiding in a drawer.
  3. Hi everyone, I've had my trench knife for a long time and first started looking at the prices on the web about 10 years ago out of curiosity. I was really surprised to see how much they were going for. It seems parts can bring a couple hundred, very poor condition knives I see sold in the $400 range and as condition improves so goes the sales price, the highest sale price I've seen is around $1000 for a 95% condition genuine lf&c 1918 complete with blade scabbard that was missing pins. I've watched a similar blade remain listed on one of the trader sites for around $1495 and a slightly bet
  4. I found this knife a little over 30 years ago when cleaning out the garage at my grandfathers home getting the place ready to sell. Another item he picked up someplace running his small moving and freight company in San Francisco, no way of knowing exactly where he got it from.
  5. Grandpa was a frugal man lived through the Great Depression and saved a lot of stuff while operating a small transit and freight company in San Francisco. He had a garage on sutter st he shared with a small auction company, the Butterfields, they were good friends. I don't know exactly how he came on this, but he did a lot of estate moves and he was always bringing home crates of stuff that no body wanted at auction or wherever, back then stuff we consider as treasure was junk no one wanted and he got first pick. Every week we drove up to see my grand parents and every trip home the car was lo
  6. Hi everyone I'm a new member here and have an interesting item my grandfather rescued from the scrap pile and gave to my father around 60 years ago. It's a lifeboat compass binnacle, taken from a lifeboat off a Japanese oil tanker sunk during battle and has a hand written not from the captain and crew presenting the compass to their admiral. I was researching information on the submarine about 10 years ago and found records for the battle, captain and crew and information on the tanker they retrieved the compass from. I also found a book during the google search on submarine warfare and in the
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