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  1. Need help with identifying this Mac Gregor helmet. Was it a practice jump helmet, and if so what era would of it been used?
  2. The 14's were also used by the AAF, probably more so in the early flight helmets.
  3. I'm green when it comes to WWII knives but have some questions. If your knowledgeable about fixed blades knives and wouldn't mind some questions, please PM me.
  4. Great pair of goggles with the original pad. Glad to see that you didn't get a pair with the reproduction pad that some guys are selling.
  5. Here's a, what I think is a M3 Girly Painted, Flak Helmet that was sent in to be reissued because of the new metal band, and what appears to be a new liner. But for some reason was not Flocked or Painted.
  6. Thanks for all the kind comments. Airborne is not really my forte. I collect WWII aviation gear and also WWII P38's. What I really like in this grouping is a captured P38 with the capture papers ID ing it a member of the 101st. Here's a picture of the inside of the helmet. Nothing special. Also on the overseas hat is his 377th PFAB DUI pin.
  7. I wished the helmet was airborne but it's not. I'll see if I can get a close up of the P38. Posting photo's here isn't the easiest.
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