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  1. Leigh's post above about the cereal reminded me I saw 2 grown men almost get into a fistfight over boxes of Golden Grahams on the FWD messdeck of the carrier I was on LOL
  2. When I was in the Navy in the early 90s, anything less than 20 years old was brand new still!
  3. https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/9mm-v-s-45-acp-shocking-govt-tests.6115/
  4. Lower powered rounds used in testing. You see where both it pierces it and bonces off making the dent..but have seen more actual combat/not test ones with a hole in them.
  5. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/276013-how-thick-is-an-m1-helmet-how-thick-is-the-liner/
  6. VA-34 also had the honor of the last A-6 Intruder cat shot on my old ship, the USS George Washington. I'm the guy up in Vulture's Row lol They were a big part of the birds I saw in my time in the Navy. I'm SURE he and I were on board the GW at the same time. (I was 92-96)
  7. Yep, red for night time...not glamorous, but dang useful! They came on at lights out, or anytime the regular lights went off.
  8. *Naval Love it!! Great Mistakes graduate myself LOL
  9. Dungarees were denim pants, chambray shirt, did he wear HBTs as a Seabee? IIRC, Navy never used laundry numbers.. 50's sailors here:
  10. Just slap 4 pieces of toast and a couple good scoops of chipped beef on that bad boy and I'd be ready for another 18 hour day underway!
  11. What is a good selling/buying price for these? The one I'm thinking of is still supple, aged to a reddish brown, and snap works, retaining strap is fully functional, no cracks, flaking or splits and doesn't smell bad! I'd say it's at least an 8 out of 10 considering that most are rotted and blown out somewhat LOL. I can try to get a pic but have serious and frustrating problems posting pics here.. Thanks!
  12. Salvage Sailor, looks like good eatin'!!
  13. Many officers and CPOs when I was in the USN DID wear Dickies..as "wash khakis"!
  14. Ahh..my favorite kind of dungarees!
  15. Bob, I totally agree, but you know, just somebody will criticize the details, or say that these are fakes that will ruin the market..etc, etc..just based off of what I've seen here..but I'm sure these Devils did their homework, as everything looks top tier in my opinion! I without a doubt think it is great!
  16. Oh, I can't wait for this to get nitpicked to death lol. I for one think it is awesome! Love that my Devil Brothers and Sisters have something like this. Now, where is the USN version??
  17. Older post, but I have one of these with the circular marks made by the peen as well. Maybe a "sub-variant"?? LOL
  18. Gotta love that HT Hustle lol It gets you coveralls. It gets you new boots. It gets you trays of fresh cinnamon rolls down in the Shipfitter shop !
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