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  1. I would assume he served a prior tour in Vietnam then went back a second time with the 11th.
  2. 11th Light Infantry Brigade worn in Hawaii by Staff Sergeant Edward Lee Goodman of Company D 3rd Battalion 1st Infantry before deploying to Vietnam. He who was killed in action on April 12, 1968.
  3. Brown beret worn by a member of the 1st Battalion 60th Infantry of the 172nd Infantry Brigade in Alaska
  4. I can't find if this one has been posted before, so here it is regardless. Trooper of Company O 75th Infantry during the second incarnation of that unit between August 1970 and September 1972 when it was known as the Arctic Rangers (the first being when it was the LRRP unit assigned to the 3rd Brigade 82nd Airborne Division in Vietnam from February through December 1969). I have seen a post in another topic in this forum that indicates the flash was worn by Company C 1st Battalion 60th Infantry. Also note that he is not wearing the blue oval with seven white st
  5. seanmc1114

    Shoulder Cords

    I believe this soldier is wearing Quartermaster Corps branch insignia which would indicate the shoulder cord is buff.
  6. seanmc1114

    Shoulder Cords

    Infantry blue shoulder cord and collar and cap disc backings worn by a soldier assigned to the 4th Battalion 54th Infantry of the 194th Armored Brigade.
  7. A subdued 1st Armored Division SSI worn by PFC Bruce Wesley Dudley, Jr. who was assigned to the 1st Squadron 1st Cavalry which was attached to the Americal Division in Vietnam. He is receiving his first Purple Heart. He earned his second Purple Heart when he was killed in action on January 23, 1968.
  8. I believe this is the same ribbon. I once found the ribbon on a two bar set from the fifties that I believe also contained the Navy Achievement Ribbon, Army (Navy) Of Occupation, NDSM, Korean Service Medal and United Nations Korean Service Medal. It seems like at some point I had found some information that the ribbon was some sort of early NATO ribbon. That would make more sense being worn by a soldier assigned to US Army Europe.
  9. Theater made 101st Airborne Division SSI worn by a parachute rigger in Vietnam.
  10. Here is his profile on Togetherweserved.com. It shows he served from 1966 to 1973. On both the profile and the the attached photo he is shown wearing a silver and three bronze campaign stars on his Vietnam Service Medal and third award of the Army Good Conduct Medal. Apparently he was a truck driver in Vietnam and switched branches to Infantry at some point and became a drill instructor. Also note in the picture he is wearing an oak leaf cluster on his National Defense Service Medal, which would definitely not be correct unless he had prior active service between 1950 and 1954.
  11. II Field Force Vietnam with an AIRBORNE tab. Interestingly, the soldier was not a former LRRP as might be expected. He served with the 9th Transportation Company (Car)(Airborne Corps). I can't find much information on that unit other than that it provided motor vehicle transport to Headquarters II FFV.
  12. Elvis portrayed a Navy EOD diver in 1967's "Easy Come, Easy Go". The first ribbon looks like the Coast Guard Silver LIfesaving Medal followed by the National Defense Service Medal and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.
  13. Theater made 1st Infantry Division SSI worn by a colonel in Sicily in August 1943
  14. Soldier wearing the 16th Infantry pocket patch in a 1969 photo
  15. Ryukyus Command SSI worn without an AIRBORNE tab by PSYOPS soldiers on TDY to Vietnam
  16. The same officer from the previous picture. The leaflet mission was flown in conjunction with combat operations by the 173rd Airborne Brigade in September 1965.
  17. Ryukyus Command SSI with gold on black AIRBORNE tab worn by a member of the U.S. Army Broadcast And Visual Activities, Pacific dropping leaflets from a helicopter while on TDY in Vietnam in 1965.
  18. President Trump presented the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major Thomas Patrick Payne today.
  19. seanmc1114

    Shoulder Cords

    Green beret with a candy stripe of an unknown group and Special Forces DUI's worn by an infantryman wearing the Infantry blue shoulder cord and discs. Note he is also wearing a fourragere.
  20. Green beret with a candy stripe of an unknown group and Special Forces DUI's worn by an infantryman wearing the Infantry blue shoulder cord and discs. Note he is also wearing a fourragere.
  21. Specialist 6 of the 221st Signal Company wearing subdued chevrons shipboard while enroute to Vietnam in April 1967.
  22. Specialist 6 Army photographer wearing subdued chevron stateside before deploying to Vietnam in 1967.
  23. Major General Thomas Rienzi, commanding general of the 1st Signal Brigade, wearing the South Vietnamese Signal Corps badge. You can make out the ghosting where his name and U.S. Army tapes were previously worn parallel to the ground then moved to be parallel to the top of the pocket flaps on his jungle jacket.
  24. Photographer wearing the Eighth Army SSI with Support Command tab
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