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  1. 101st Airborne Division with U.S. Army Paratrooper chest patch. February 10, 1943.
  2. "Pictured here are five wounded veterans from McCloskey General Hospital at Temple, Texas. From left to right, are First Lieutenant (Lt.) Cullen E. Cole, First Sergeant (Sgt.) Harry J. Banan, Private (Pvt.) Robert Thank Knittel, Corporal (Corp.) Lee W. McBride and Private First Class (Pfc.) Thomas F. McNeely. All are dressed in military uniforms and wearers of the Purple Heart. Corporal (Corp.) McBride is standing with the aid of a walking cane. They are lending their help Fort Worth back the attack in the Fourth War Loan campaign. Published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram morning edition, February 7, 1944." Note the Army first sergeant wearing a first design of the 2nd Marine Division SSI and a parachutist wearing an 82nd Airborne Division SSI with no AIRBORNE tab.
  3. Major James B. Wallace, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Major Wallace is wearing a military uniform and standing with his hands in front of him. He commanded the 569th B-17 maintenance squadron at Las Vegas Army Air Field. Date Created: 1944-06-24 His Expert Badge has a Submachine Gun bar. Also note his Balloon Pilot wings.
  4. Staff sergeant of the 104th Infantry Division home on furlough - July 1945
  5. General Jonathan Wainwright wearing the Eastern Defense Command SSI in December 1945 and the Fourth Army SSI in March 1946.
  6. Master Sergeant William C. Coleman, a liaison pilot assigned to the China-Burma-India Theater, at home on leave - March 1945.
  7. Lieutenant Marvin B. Simpson, Jr. wearing gold buttons and insignia on his grays. September 17, 1945.
  8. Pharmacist Mate 1st Class Dick Brame, Navy corpsman attached to the 1st Marine Division. January 15, 1945.
  9. Major General John P. Lucas as commanding officer of the Fourth Army - December 1945
  10. Soldier on the right is wearing a 36th Infantry Division SSI with the France War Aid patch on his right sleeve. He also seems to be wearing an officer's khaki shirt. "Participating in the Elks Club Bond Rally were Private Robert Borden and Technical Sergeant Odell Collins, of McCloskey Hospital. Both men are wearing their military uniforms. There are trees in the distance. Date Created: 1945-06-14"
  11. My first thought wa that these soldiers are wearing the SSI for Merrill's Marauders. However, the photo caption indicates the picture was taken at the June 1945 ceremony in Texas where the Medal Of Honor was posthumously awarded to Lt. Jack L. Knight who earned the medal while serving with the 124th Cavalry Regiment attached to the Mars Task Force. Assuming these are soldiers who served with him, I guess these would be Mars Task Force patches they are wearing. But note that the green and blue segments of the shield on the patch appear to be reversed from the standard version shown below. Also note that all three are wearing different style khaki shirts, including the one in the middle without flaps on the pockets.
  12. 4th Armored Division SSI worn by Medal of Honor recipient Captain James H. Fields, Company A 10th Armored Infantry Battalion
  13. Veteran of the 94th Infantry Division wearing the 94th SSI as a combat patch but still wearing DUI's of the 376th Infantry Regiment which was assigned to the 94th. Christmas 1945.
  14. I assume this is a Navy petty officer. He is wearing the Navy Good Conduct ribbon and you can see service stripes on his lower left sleeve. However, the photo caption reads as follows: "Director, Marine Corps Division of Public Information William E. Riley and Mrs. Riley on their wedding day. A man and his wife standing next to each other. Date Created: 1946-02-27"
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. From Byrd's Wikipedia entry: “As a senior officer in the United States Navy, Byrd served on active duty during World War II. He was recalled on active duty on March 26, 1942 and served as the confidential advisor to the Commander in Chief, United States Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Ernest J. King. From 1942 to 1945 he joined the South Pacific Island Base Inspection Board, which had important missions to the Pacific, including surveys of remote islands for airfields. On one assignment he visited the fighting front in Europe. On February 10, 1945, Byrd received the Order of Christopher Columbus from the government of the Dominican Republic. Byrd was present at the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. He was released from active duty on October 1, 1945. In recognition of his service during World War II, Byrd was twice awarded the Legion of Merit.”
  16. 101st Airborne Division "From Berchtesgaden, this bottle of champagne came from Hitler's hideout in Austria. Private Jack Zachary, a paratrooper, shows it to his mother, Mrs. J.L. Zachary. Published in The Fort Worth Star-Telegram Sunday Edition January 27, 1946 Date Created: 1946-01-23"
  17. Theater made 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion "Private First Class Paul F. Wheeler is a cannoneer with the the 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion. He spent three years in Europe and captured a German colonel in Mannheim, Germany. Private Wheeler won the Bronze Star for the outstanding performance. He recently returned from Germany to spend leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wheeler, in Fort Worth, Texas. After leave, Private Wheeler will report to San Antonio, Texas, for discharge. He is shown standing against a wall, dressed in his military uniform. Date Created: 1945-09-17"
  18. I considered both, but I don't think it's either. The photo caption says he served with General Li's army. I'm thinking it may actually be an SSI for a Chinese Army formation, but I can't find any good online references for those.
  19. First Allied AIrborne Army. Note the officer has a combat jump star on his jump wings. I can't make out the colors of his oval. The information I have says he previously served with the 101st Airborne Division.
  20. Discharged 3rd Infantry Division soldier wearing the Fourragere of the French Croix de Guerre on his khaki shirt
  21. Odd variation, possibly theater made, of the Eighth Air Force SSI "Lieutenant Colonel Andrew F. Price, left, is presenting the Bronze Star Medal to his former Army tentmate, Lieutenant Colonel J. Heg Johnson, center. The presentation is taking place during ceremonies at the luncheon of the Business and Professional Men's Post of the American Legion at the Blackstone Hotel. An unidentified man wearing a military uniform is standing at the far right. The lieutenant colonels are wearing their respective uniforms." Date Created: 1945-07-10
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