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  1. Recruiter wearing a Fifth Army SSI and 2nd Infantry Division combat patch in 1948
  2. Col. Charles H. Reed commanded the 2nd Cavalry Group in the European Theater during World War II. Here we see him wearing the SSI of the Group while receiving an award from a French general. The second photo shows him wearing the 2nd Cav SSI as a combat patch followed by a picture of what I believe is the same uniform. The 2nd Cav patch appears to be bullion and is virtually the same SSI that was later approved in the 60's for the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment.
  3. 101st Airborne Division SSI worn without an AIRBORNE tab by members of Company F 53rd Airborne Infantry Regiment when the 101st was activated as a training division at Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky during the Korean War.
  4. Member of Puerto Rico's 65th Infantry Regiment assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division during the Lorean War
  5. Member of the Constabulary Forces wearing a U.S. Forces Austria SSI with 4th Cavalry Regiment DUI's
  6. Combat medic of the 99th Infantry Division. Note the backing behind his Combat Medic Badge. It looks like an airborne oval.
  7. Two members of the 7th Cavalry Regiment 1st Cavalry Division - a PFC early in World War II and a veteran NCO postwar.
  8. Senator Harry S. Truman talks with General Daniel Van Voorhis, commander of the 7th Cavalry Brigade (Mechanized) at Fort Knox - January 22, 1938
  9. Members of Company B, 1ST Battalion, 187th Infantry, 193rd Brigade Task Force from Panama, take cover during the joint US/Honduras training Exercise AHUAS TARA II (BIG PINE) - 1983
  10. Thanks to Wailuna for identifying this as the first design of the 12th Cavalry DUI.
  11. This is actually from 1941, but I think it's very interesting. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. wearing the DUI of the 26th Infantry Regiment and his son, Quentin, wearing the DUI of the 33rd Field Artillery Battalion.
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