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  1. Lt. Gen Edward Brooks wearing what appears to be a wool Second Army SSI post World War II. He commanded the Second Army from 1951 to 1953.
  2. This at least suggests that some of those similar patches that I have always heard were just novelty patches made for collectors or worn only on party jackets were sometimes actually worn in the field with some tolerance by local commanders.
  3. Black beret with a cool flash worn by a member of the Recon Platoon of the 2n Battalion 8th Cavalry in Vietnam
  4. No problem. Your image is much clearer than the one I posted.
  5. Thanks for your contribution. I believe that is the same one I posted earlier, but your image is much larger and clearer.
  6. XXI Corps SSI being worn upside down by a Field Artillery Major who ought to know better.
  7. 101st Airborne Division SSI worn as a combat patch on the short sleeve khaki shirt of an OCS student at the Artillery And Missile School in 1970. According to the photo description: "It is not a ritual ceremony. At some point in time, it was said that there was a CONARC First Candidate that was the highest-ranking candidate in the entire Army. He outranked the BDE First Candidate at each OCS, etc. I even drew a picture of what I thought he would be wearing as far as Pips, etc. and sent it home when I was a candidate. The legend spread and this was simply that particular class 5-70 having some
  8. OCS candidates wearing the Artillery And Missile School SSI. The tabs worn on the eppaulettes apparently identified the top two graduates from the class.
  9. Colonel Edwin Doss wearing the U.S., Philippine and Korean Presidential Unit Citations over his right pocket sometime in the 1950's (He was promoted to the permanent rank of Colonel on July 2, 1954). Note that the unit awards are worn in the worn order.
  10. Here's an interesting one. These soldiers belong to the New York State Guard, so it's possible they did not follow uniform regulations as closely as active duty soldiers or even National Guardsman. But notice that the soldier in the rear is wearing a 2nd Service Command SSI as a combat patch. Also note the First Sergeant on the left is wearing the Hawaiian Coast Artillery Brigade SSI as a combat patch.
  11. 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team at Fort Campbell, Kentucky - October 1954
  12. Allied Forces HQ. Pvt. Roy F. Zorens of Cincinnati, Ohio, receives the Soldier's Medal from CO. J. W. Ramsey for rescuing a British soldier from drowning, near Algiers. Algiers, Algeria. 31 December 1943
  13. I have no definitive information on this photo, but from all of the details, it appears to be a soldier wearing the 11th Airborne Division SSI in Korea. Everything about it looks like it was taken in the field and I'm pretty sure the man in the portrait is North Korean leader Kim Il Sung. The 11th was stateside during the Korean War, but its 187th Parachute Infantry Regiment was detached and sent to Korea along with support units as the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team. Thoughts?
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