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  1. Thank you for the kind words. The seabag in my collection is actually UNIS marked to the 3rd Mardiv and the lower pack is marked to the 1st Mardiv. I do know that the 6th Mardiv used a circle for their UNIS markings but that one doesn't really match any other examples i've seen so i'd say it's either that or some kind of rank or a different kind of identifier.
  2. Here's a bit of an update to the current collection. The lights were just up for Christmas so they're gone now. 1st Uniform: Charles Colcock Gregorie - C/1/7 - WIA by a sniper on Okinawa 2nd Uniform: Vincent James Delaney - F/2/5 - Shot through the left eye(Survived) by a Japanese soldier that jumped in his foxhole on Peleliu Seabag: Edwin F Hunsberger - Anit Tank unit on Guam and Iwo Jima - Witnessed first flag raising on Iwo Jima 3rd Uniform: 3x Identified - Willam P Roche K/3/7 MG squad leader on Peleliu and Okinawa Grover Cleveland Broome - D/2/11 KIA on Okinawa - William H.E. Stew
  3. Not crappy at all! I appreciate the information. I had seen jumpers in the past with ribbons on them so I just recreated the uniform to honor my grandfather's service and so my family members could see what he earned. Thanks again!
  4. George Ward Vaught was born into a typical family before the Great Depression on June 28th, 1928. Born in the small town of Quality, Kentucky, Vaught worked the family farm as most boys did during the depression to try and keep food on the table. Vaught’s mother sadly died on February 24th, 1930 before George has even turned 2. At the age of 15, Vaught left school, determined to enlist in the Marine Corps to do his part. He lied about his age stating he was born December 11th, 1925 which would’ve made him 18 at the time but his real date of birth was June 18th, 1928 which made his actual age 1
  5. Just recently made contact with GySgt Webber's family and it turns out he ended up having several children. I'm happy to know his belongings are in good hands. Please ignore this post.
  6. I really appreciate the kind words. I always love preserving the stories of the items I collect
  7. Thank you! I was very lucky that they were all identifiable.
  8. I appreciate the kind words. The research is always my favorite part
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