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    Second World War Sicilian and Italian Front US Army Uniforms and Groupings
  1. Thank you very much! For that here is the finished product:
  2. Hello, Colorizing a photo of my relative who served in the USAAF and USAF from WWII until the early 1970s. Need assistance identifying the Medal Ribbon bars in his retirement photo. Thanks, MB
  3. Currently assembling an original full-Kit uniform for a 28th Infantry Division Sergeant display. However, I dont want to pay a ton of money for some original M1904 boots. I may have the opportunity to purchase some Private-purchase US Army Officer Boots from the conflict for a really good price. However, would an enlisted man wear full Officer boots? Or was this usually limited to the higher-ups. Curious if there is any photo evidence.
  4. Would you ever consider trading or selling this grouping?
  5. Oh wow! If you dont mind me asking, what does the acronym ASU stand for?
  6. Oh wow! That explains him mentioning having to learn to use piano wire to take down an enemy! I didnt think that was just a part of a normal Army training!
  7. Ah yes 31st Division! Accidental typo! He was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado when his discharge went into effect. His papers indicate his Most Significant Duty Assignment was Det 3 5022d ASU Camp Hale Colorado. Only things we know outside him being at Atterbury in the Dixie Division.
  8. A simple 5th Army Ike from December of 1944 got me interested in this hobby. My father had saved the uniform from the trash as my grandfather had thrown it away. We had feared he had thrown every last trace of his service along with it, but yesterday we found various papers outlining his entry into the Army and the 81st Division in 1953 and discharge in 1955. He never saw combat that we know (he did say that he and his Army buddies considered going to Cuba to aid in the Batista revolution but we never figured out if he did or not. This was in his later years that he told me this and only a very brief mention that he didnt want to talk further about). Only awards he was given was a National Defense Medal and a Good Conduct Award. It may not seem like much, but it is the pride of my collection as it started it all with a personal collection. Though not the exact same uniform as the one in the photo, I hope to restore this Ike similar to the one in the photo and add his awards to it. If anyone can help me find the light blue insignia and some medal ribbon bars for it let me know! A cap and/or shirt and tie would also do nicely!
  9. Inherited this photo dated March of 1945 but I cant tell what branch the soldier is in? Artillery? Just a bunch of weird insignia I havent seen before. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Welcome to the forum! I’m also quite fascinated with Ranger history, specifically the Battle of Gela in Sicily in 1943. Don’t have anything from the 1st or 4th Battalions yet but hope to change that soon.
  11. Certainly. Bullion wings, British-made felt patch, and a British Wound Stripe
  12. Bought this medal grouping in Savannah, Georgia awhile back. Guy told me he was friend with the recipient who recently past away and that he thought the vet was in the Army Air Force but was uncertain. Would love to know more about him if possible!
  13. Went to a Estate Sale awhile back of an antique dealer. Was one of the first in line and got pick of most everything inside. Ironically the best uniform in the lot (being the Officer 8th AAF Ike with British Insignia) was the cheapest of the uniforms at $20. He also had a barn out back where they were selling things for mere dollars. Bought the shovel, Overseas Bag (Named to a Career Officer who ended up being Commandant at West Point for a time), and Arisaka Bayonet for $5 total. All in all a great Sale! Stuff is still out there!
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