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  1. A find a of the century indeed! I remember starting a thread about the Brevet medal in specific a while back and everyone including myself was in belief that there are none in collectors hands, this is the first time seeing one in a private collection. Simply AMAZING! Best regards, Martin
  2. Thank you all for posting your experiences and opinions on this thread. It has given me a lot to think about. I did speak to the air force recruiter and she stated that since if I enlist early I am guaranteed the job I pick. Anyhow thank you all for replying to this thread. I think the Air Force would be a good branch to enlist in since they have good job skills for later life like dental. I still would like to join the marines however I don't think I'm fit for them. Thank you all, Martin.
  3. Hello all. I have the option to join the USMC and the USAF. Id like to ask this forum (in specific veterans) which branch would you recommend. If possible, can any veterans from either branch shed some light as to which MOS you,d recommend as well. I would like some insight from some one who has (been there, done that) sort of experience. I have been thinking about the Marines (reconnaissance, and rifleman) but Id like to know what you would recommend. Please let me know your preferences. Martin.
  4. Hi all. Thank you for the inquires. I guess the Brevet medal is out of my wants list due to rarity and I rather keep quiet than to make an offer to a family for their medals. Martin.
  5. Hello collectors. I have decided to make a change in my collecting habits so I am new to collecting USMC medals. I was wondering if any of these medals posted below are original. I am aware that LIGI is a Vietnam era manufacturer however I am not sure about the good conduct medal. It is numbered however but no name is engraved. Please let me know what you think. Regards Martin. Also since this is the appropriate thread to discuss this unrelated question I wanted to ask is it possible to find an all original USMC brevet if I were to offer an price of $25,000 for one. I understand they are a
  6. Regarding the fact that Acme Crickets are rare, I would like to ask did the early nickel plated acme crickets come with a hole for lanyard or did the GI make the hole. We can all be certain that the brass crickets had holes punctured by the GI however since the later brass version were shipped without any holes I am uncertain about the nickel plated crickets. Also were the acme crickets shipped in a carton or a celluloid wrapper? If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. -Martin
  7. Hello. This was an unofficial design for the USAF air police units. When the USAF became its own branch of the armed forces in 1947, military police or the so called (AIR POLICE) needed an distinct way to identify themselves as MP's so the USAF created AP armbands that were widely hated since they lacked authority and they would simply slide down the arm when they went out on patrol so they made this wing for wear before the first Air Police badge was used. As far as originality goes, I like the piece and I cannot see any red flags. A neat peace of history you have. ~Martin.
  8. Hello all. Is anyone on this section of forum a collector of USAF police badges in specific Air Police badges. I currently own the AP non enameled badge and SP badges however I don't know where to start with for an enameled badge. I tried eBay however I have seen mainly the type 2. I am looking for an type 3 with the pin back. If any one knows of one with enamel in good condition please let me know. Martin
  9. If I'm correct there is another style where the hat badge looks like the upper portion of an Security Police badge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hello all. Being new to the forum I think it is best I introduce what I collect for a living. Before I ever heard of this forum I have focused on collecting WWII German military medals of all branches until I received my very first USAF SP badge from a Vietnam veteran whom provided provenance along with his pins. I still remembered paying $50 for the badge not a while back actually and that one badge influenced me in collecting more MP. When I heard of this forum I signed up in hopes of finding more MP collectors on this forum. I am currently collecting USAF, ARMY, USMC, and Navy badges so if
  11. Nice AP shields you have USAF1987. They have gone up in value overtime and its hard to find them with the enamel in great shape. Nice find overall. Martin.
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