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  1. Not sure about the B-24 but these pictures show the standard configuration of a non-flight crew seat used in the PBY 5A by the US during WWII.
  2. @P-59A: The general design, construction, and single pole mounting mechanism do not look like anything I've ever seen in a PBY (5A). The navigator seats I've seen are much more contoured and often have portions covered in fabric. Missions were long, temperatures at altitude varied. While comfort was/is rarely a design priority, this chair would border on the inhumane. The single pole mount makes me think it was designed to have swivel and reminds me more of a gunners or spotters seat. Just my totally unqualified opinion.
  3. Thanks for the reply. VPNavy was my jumping off point. I saw the patch photo you linked to previously. Unfortunately, VPNavy does not provide any detail on the person responsible for the post. Over the years I have communicated with some relatives of Squadron members however, I have been unsuccessful in locating anyone with any real knowledge of the patch let alone an original patch in-hand.
  4. Dustin, Thanks again! Just to clarify; each PBY would be stocked with an allotment (one or more) of long guns like the M1 or Thompson? Were these standard issue based on the aircraft type or theatre? Meaning would I be able to determine with [relative] certainty which type of long gun would have flown on Atlantic PBYs? Much appreciation, Frank
  5. Dustin, Grateful thanks for the information! In response to your question: my grandfather was an Officer. My understanding of how the flight crews operated (perhaps unique to long haul, anti submarine operations) is that each PBY flew with 3 Pilots who rotated duties each sortie between Pilot, CoPilot and Navigator.
  6. Patrol Bombing Squadron NINETY-FOUR Date of Origin: 3 March 1942 Commands Served Under: Eastern Sea Frontier 3 March 1942 to 16 January 1943. Fleet Air Wing Eleven 18 January 1943 to 10 April 1943. Fleet Air Wing Sixteen 10 April to present. Squadron Movements: 18 May 1942. Norfolk, Virginia to Quonset Point, Rhode Island. 31 May 1942 Quonset Point to Jacksonville, Florida. Six planes remained at Quonset as a detachment. 10 June 1942. Detachment of three planes moved from Jacksonville to Charleston, South Carolina. 14 June 1942. Detachment at Quonset Point moved to Jacksonville. 1 Sept
  7. Hello all! My Grandfather served in VP-94 ['42-'44] during WWll flying PBY's in the Atlantic Theatre (Brazil). I've been attempting to complete a collection of items relating to his service. However, I have not been able to locate an inventory of 'standard' kit items carried by a PBY flight crew - e.g. survival items, sidearm (S&W Victory or 1911?), long gun (?), knife, etc. I would greatly appreciate an education if anyone has knowledge of the specific equipment and items carried by Atlantic PBY crews. Thanks in advance for your help and guidance! Best, Frank
  8. Hello all! I am hoping someone can help me locate a USN Patrol Bombing Squadron patch from WWll. My Grandfather served in VP-94 ['42-'44] flying PBY's in the Atlantic Theatre (Brazil). I've been searching and hoping to purchase [both unsuccessfully] the squadron patch. After an embarrassingly long search I was finally able to locate a rendering of the patch (on Fold3) and a very small photograph of an actual patch (from VPNavy.com). For reference, I have attached an image of the patch. Unfortunately, after speaking with a half dozen dealers I have not found anyone who has ever actually
  9. Hello! I recently inherited - and have become fascinated by my Grandfather's Flight Logs and Diary from his time in the USN during WWll . I am attempting to complete a collection of items relating to his service in VP-94 and more specifically his anti-submarine activities flying PBY's in Brazil. I much appreciate the collected expertise of everyone contributing to this site. Thank you and happy New Year! - Frank McMackin
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