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  1. Thanks.....sure would be nice to have it running this summer. At least running enough to drive it around a bit.
  2. Steering cleaned blasted and primed February was cold, so I worked a lot in the basement on this. But Finally the steering is pretty much done. Still need to spend some time of the steering wheel, but I will tackle that later. Next up will be the oil and air filter. I cleaned them with mineral spirits and hoping to get them blasted, primed and painted this weekend.
  3. I haven't posted in a while. But have been making some progress. The rebuild engine is in! First time since I bought it. I talked my 12 year old son into helping me rebuild the steering. What a mess....it was packed with grease.
  4. Ok back to the MB. I got the frame some more parts painted before it gets too cold here in the North East. And now the frame is getting started on the journey of getting put back together.
  5. I got a little distracted this fall.....so i will share it with you all. I spent 9 days with the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team at their jump school. I passed the training and got all five jumps out of a C47. I would highly recommend it if you have the inclination. https://wwiiadt.org/ I am standing next to two WWII combat veterans Dan McBride (left) and Vince Speranza (right). Dan saw combat for the first time in Normandy. Vince in Belgium. Both served with the 101st ABN, both highly decorated, both heroes of Bastogne. This is after our 5th jump with the WWII ADT, the graduating class 2018-3
  6. Next I finished up the frame but didn't take many pictures for some reason. Then I took the frame and some parts to the sand blaster http://www.surfacezero.com/g503/data/500/medium/2018-10_sandblast.JPG Once that was finished it was time to prime.
  7. Ok....haven't posted in a while but have been making some progress. I got a little obsessed with getting the frame riveted. I really wanted to have real rivets on the frame. Thankfully a member on another forum agreed to help me out. So I loaded the frame in the car and spent quite a few hours in his shop. We were able to get all the frame horns, spring hangers and rear cross-member riveted back in place. I think they turned out pretty good.
  8. Getting a bit more work done on the MB. The hood, fender,windshield, grill and front seats are now in OD! This broken bolt is making me pull my hair out.....it does not want to come out. Ugh...haha I am hoping to get it out this weekend....man I can get it to move about 1/4 turn each time I heat it. I'm also going to weld on the new frame clutch bracket. I figured I might as well replace it now while everything is torn apart versus having to do it later when it is all back together. And finally the transmission and transfercase are in the shop getting a few parts replaced in the name of getting her back on the road in my lifetime.
  9. A bit more progress this weekend on the frame this weekend. The battery tray was in bad shape, there was some bondo on it to hide all the rusted out parts. I ordered a new one and cut/ground the old out out. The front tab is held in place by a rivet. This rivet is not accessible. In my obsession to keep the rivet I cut the new tray and welded it to the old tab. It took me a while of thinking before I cut my brand new tray lol. Old Tray Fitting the new tray Pretty much all done....with the tray at least There were a couple of holes that looked like they were made with a torch rather than a drill. Either way I welded them up. The "tabs" were cut off at some point and a big chunk of metal was welded where they used to go. I can't for the life of me find that picture, it was impressive. No tabs Making the new tabs Tabs are back! I spent some time removing the old brake lines and the axle bumpers.....then Ughhh....I broke a bolt off. Will need to work on removing that now. I am hoping to get the frame sandblasted and in primer so I can get this part finished up. I sill have quite a bit of work to do first.....it seems after reading a bit I should replace the frame, clutch and brake bushed bracket. Might as well just do it now instead of having to do it later. I also found that one of the spring brackets is pretty warn so likewise I will have to order a new one and replace it.
  10. Well...been a while since I updated this thread. I have made a bit of progress....life as it does got busy with the kids and such. So, The front seats, fenders, grill and hood are all in primer. This weekend I picked up the frame to get started on it. Might not have been the best way to get it home....but I made it. My plans are to fix what needs to be fixed, get it sand blasted and fix anything that shows up with that, then get it primed and then hopefully over to NJ for help riveting the rear crossmember and front frame horns back on.
  11. A quick update. I have the original dataplates but they were a little rough, and that might be too kind. But I really wanted to use the originals if possible. I mean there is something about preserving the history right? So.....I shipped them off to Robert de Ruyter in the Netherlands for his "refresh" I am super pleased with the results. I can't wait to get them mounted. I mean didn't they turn out great! What an improvement and so pleased to keep the originals with the MB.
  12. A quick update. The crack is repaired! They did the locknstitch and then pressure tested the block. All is good. I should have the engine back in a few weeks.
  13. A quick update... The engine shop decided the block should be ok as long as the crack can be fixed. They didn't have to take as much off the deck as initially estimated. I picked up and drove it to NY to be welded. I took a few pictures before dropping it off. Now that it is cleaned up a bit you can see the date. 1/23/45 The yellow paint shows where the crack is. The welder said he will re-magnaflux it to determine how deep and if he can fix it. If he can after welding he said he will pressure test to block to make sure all is good. The deck has been machined....nice and flat It was a long day driving it up to NY and then back to PA. I am looking for a radiator shop to test out my radiator to make sure it is in good shape.
  14. I picked up a new part. Parkerized body on the rebuilt distributor. So nice I almost can’t see putting it on an engine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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