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  1. Would appreciate any information about this patch - cant find much in a search. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Thanks for the comments. The descriptions on back were from the original collector back in the 50s/60s. It's about 2.6x3 inches. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info and helping to date!
  4. Another piece I obtained out of an old collection. The manufacture/variant here seems quite different from anything else I can find? Maybe KW era? A more rare example? Thanks in advance!
  5. Came across this one out of an old collection. Seems to be 107th Engineers out of Michigan but I can't find another example. Would anyone know dating and rarity? Thanks!
  6. Appreciate the thoughts. It did come from an old collection and didnt cost much, but the manufacturing diagnostics on the rear did make me wonder about one of the 'cheaper' type stamped copies...
  7. Would anyone be able to assist with these unmarked pinbacks? I was told they may be early aerial gunner wings before the official design was accepted in '43, but cant find anything on them or another pair displayed anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you for the DUI info. Appreciate the feedback.
  9. Wonderful example. If you still have this, could you please let me know if the para wings are pinback or clutch?
  10. Seems like the brief postwar period is a slim timeframe for 82nd uniforms out there, but while searching examples on the forum, it seems to nicely match another piece from a fellow collector: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/221816-504th-pir-uniform-grouping/
  11. Thank you. Are the DIs correct where they are? Should they really be over the sewn shoulder straps?
  12. Would certainly appreciate feedback on the setup here. Was the double set of collar brass correct postwar and late 1940s? Would the first fourragere start on the left shoulder?
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