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  1. Congratulations on your original design, the patch looks great. The fake looks like a POS, mirroring the owner.
  2. Looked in the local paper on-line archives, and the owner of the hat, J.E. Cavanaugh was a Lieutenant in WWII, from Tallahassee. I guess I need to see if there’s anyway to get information on his military history.
  3. A little research with the Florida Museum of History, provided an advertisement from the “Surprise Store” in the 1930 Tallahassee phone book, which was the store where the hat was originally sold. Additional research with the Tallahassee Historical Society provided the name of a local attorney who is the grandson of the owner of the Surprise Store. It’s a small world.
  4. I just bought this on eBay because it was originally sold in Tallahassee, I know several Cavanaughs who may be related, and hat seems to have some age. So, is it a Stetson or do I have another yard working hat? https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-US-VETERAN-039-S-CAMPAIGN-JOHN-STETSON-HAT-size-7-3-8-EXCELLENT-/164372104690?nma=true&si=nwun4Bb9m4YeoZ1O%2BNI9Sk9HsaU%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. I saw on eBay what was represented to be a WWII era Stetson campaign hat. I didn’t intend to bid on it until I saw it was sold from a shop in Tallahassee, which is where I live, the name on the band is “Cavanaugh” and I know several here in town who could possibly be related, and the hat looks to have some age and appears to be fairly well made. I read all I could on the forum this afternoon about Stetson campaign hats and realize it may be legit or I may have a nice yard working hat. Anyone here know about these type hats and whether this appears to be a legit Stetson and possibly a legit
  6. Very nice rifle and you got a great deal.
  7. Great rifles all! Thanks for posting. All you guys with these great unissued and correct rifles need to get busy and let us take a look.
  8. You’ve got a really good family collection and I hope you are able to pass them on to your children who will appreciate their history.
  9. BryanJ


    Heck, I want one...
  10. Anyone want to post photos of what they consider to be a legit theatre made knife and explain basic characteristics? Probably a lot of folks on here would find that very interesting.
  11. In scanning EBay, I’ve seen hundreds of theatre made knives. My question about these knives, is that they are almost always represented as WWII era knives. Since these are essentially shop made knives, how could you ever attribute theses knives to any particular era, theatre, country, etc. I’ve seen one collectors book on these type knives and haven’t bought it yet, but if it’s hard enough to identify a legitimate US Military Knife from a fake, how could you ever buy a theatre made knife on anything other than faith?
  12. John. Thanks for comments and good tip on the blade.
  13. A couple of weeks ago I posted a few questions about M-2 paratrooper knifes, specifically, which ones were WWII knives, whether the metal handle knives were WWII issue, If the black plastic handles were post war, and several other questions. I received several very useful tips, which led me to bid on several M-2 knives that were available at a local auction last weekend. I was the successful bidder on the one shown here. There are several cracks in the bone handles, but the handles are secure. The knife functions perfectly and it has since gone directly to my display case, along with the f
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