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  1. I am still fairly new to the game when it comes to USMC competition badges. Will post a photo in a bit of what I have so far.
  2. I have one of the oversized Pistol Expert badges, awesome find on both pieces.
  3. Very nice pair of medals that are in great shape.
  4. GWOT vet here in NC as well, welcome aboard.
  5. A recent purchase of mine. Made by BB&B. Paid a decent price on it despite it having been repaired at some point.
  6. I am a bit newer to collecting marksmanship badges, this is an awesome collection.
  7. Not a big collection at all, but here are some of mine
  8. Seen one of these in the Engineer museum at Fort Leonard Wood. This was more info than I got about the medal there.
  9. Welcome to the page, I have been to many of the battlefields, looking forward to seeing your collection.
  10. Went and checked out the site, I have to say you do have some nice stuff for sale.
  11. I remember seeing a number of Bundeswehr Soldiers wearing locally made sew on version of marksmanship badges while I was in Germany. Was definitely different to see for sure.
  12. Reading this made me go look at mine, and all are the lead cast "Field Arty" clasps.
  13. I will admit, I tend to be a collector on a budget, I bought books and other items. At the same time, I do tend to save up and buy nice items as I do prefer a quality collection on a theme over a quantity cellection with everything. I do scour ebay for sleeper items and amazed on some of the prices that I have paid for decent pieces.
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