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    I collect WWI/WWII all services. Major interest in helmets, USMC, German, Japanese. I have sold three major collections over the years and I now have a sizeable fourth collection! I think I need a support group!
  1. Jim Moran's book shows several of these covers as issued by the Raiders in WW2. Is this still discredited and still regarded as post -WW2?
  2. Thank you for posting this article. I have an excellent pair of bearskin gloves. I did not realize that they were used by pilots.
  3. You are an artist. Thanks for posting.
  4. thank you for all the work you have put into this research.
  5. Thanks for posting this article and photo.
  6. great idea and thanks for posting.
  7. We are planning a trip to France and would like to see Omaha Beach. Any suggestions on where to stay and places not to miss? We might be in the area for 3 days. Thanks, Ken
  8. Thank you for taking me up the mountain with you via the photos. Well done.
  9. Thank you for this very well researched information. This insignia must be posted somewhere if so many outfits possibly used it. This certainly expands the research.
  10. Is this an insignia of some type of construction regiment/battalion? There are no other ID marks on the helmet. (This is my first attempt to post a photo and I see two. I do not know how to delete one.) <script src="safari-extension://com.ebay.safari.myebaymanager-QYHMMGCMJR/592c726d/background/helpers/prefilterHelper.js" type="text/javascript"> </script>
  11. I read the book and I saw "Unbroken" and enjoyed it but something was missing. The Japanese guard, "Bird" was not as brutal as depicted in the book. The movie did not do justice to the actual suffering to which Zamporini was subjected. The opening scenes and the scenes shot in the liferaft were very well done and interesting. One saw the human emotion each of the men in the raft were feeling. But, the prison scenes seemed to be watered down and thus much of the emotion was drained. I thought that I might have been somewhat influenced because i had read the book but I discussed this with anothe
  12. Bob crane: my brother-in-law was an officer aboard the Redfin. His name: Gordon Woodman. Was he aboard during your duty?
  13. Back in 1959 or so I was in the head at Camp Pendleton when a young Marine sat on the pot next to me. I asked him, "How long have you had it?" He said, "Had what?" I said, "VD" and he asked why i thought he had VD. "Because, you are sitting on a bright red toilet seat with a sign in bright USMC colors saying 'VD'. He leapt up and dashed into the showers and began scrubbing his bottom with a GI brush. We were in hysterics. Good start to a long day.
  14. Who the hell painted that circle off center?
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