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  1. I'm sure someone will come along and correct me but I always thought these were diagnostics tag pouches.
  2. I bought 10 last year for $18 each covered in cosmo.
  3. The bottom blanks are M1909s and are in the .30cal links from WWII.
  4. I found one very similar at the surplus store in Ft Worth earlier this year. It was in a box full of euroclone helmets You could see the markings under the paint. A little brake cleaner and the top coat of paint came off easy.
  5. I was thinking for movie use when I first saw it.
  6. Wish we could find info on yellow squares.
  7. svt40

    Renault FT

    I'm in work on mine as well. Got a ton of photos for detailing. Just an FYI on the engine. The 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th spots are not spark plugs but fuel primer funnels. You would actually pour fuel directly into each cylinder to prime it.
  8. $100 is not bad at all. The salty patched helmets go for more than a plain jane unused ACH.
  9. My very first M7 bayonet I bought was a Frazier at the Fort Worth gun show about 8 years ago. Did not know a lot about them but I did know that FZR was a hard one to find.
  10. Saw one of them as well as a pick mattock carrier with the early M1905 hangers at the Militaria show in Cleburn Texas two years ago. I will say they wanted a LOT of money for them both and neither one was anywhere near as nice as yours!
  11. Welcome to the ACH collectors club!
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