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  1. A friend of mine has what he believes to be a cannonball, i don't think it is, because of the square hole through the middle. It has a mold seam and it is cast iron. It's roughly over 7 inches in diameter and weighs about 65lbs. I've done a little research and have found there is a 8in caliber solid shot cannonball, but again the square/rectangular hole going all the way through would suggest it is not a cannonball and maybe a counter weight or a large cannonball gate weight. Any ideas?
  2. I found a lot of case shot in the yard at my gmom's in North myrtle beach in SC. She lives right off an inlet, but I don't know of any battles or skirmishes in that area. well I think what i found is case shot. it looks just like what you posted, these are about the size of small marbles and are made of iron.
  3. those are WWII but some I'm sure were still used during the Korean War
  4. i too am curious about the different bombs for each bombing mission. I'm trying to track down some info. this is what i've found so far. still nothing about the $ symbol
  5. maybe this will help http://vdha.us/content4667.html
  6. something to do with Logistics in the China Burma India Command?
  7. I don't know a lot about helmets, but I have found awesome militaria at goodwill and other thrift stores
  8. I too would like to know more about those rugs!
  9. my grandpa worked for piedmont/USAIR, I have some of his Dowty Rotol overhall manuals. awesome pic!!
  10. I was wondering if this one is legit. Can you tell from the pic if this is a good one or not?
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