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  1. Thank you both. I remember reading the shoe thread, very interesting. Mark green, is one of yours Sta Brite and the other His Lordship hallmarked? Yours look great. It’s interesting to me how many variations there are in the method of manufacturer. (As seen on the back). Most are shell back. In some, the figures are visible on the back, others not. I’ve only seen one solid back, the Sta Brite I’ve got. It’s exceptionally heavy. Actually, heavy enough to where I would think it would pull down on the pocket when worn. I’ve found the repros I’ve seen on EBay usually only have two p
  2. The first is a polished G-23 hallmark and reverse. The second is an oxidized G-23 hallmark and the last is a solid back Sta-Brite hallmark.
  3. Greetings. I did not find a thread specifically about the Tomb of the Unknown, Tomb Guards Identification Badge. I would like too gather as much information as possible on this badge. It it the second least awarded badge in the US Military following only behind the Astronauts badge. All issue badges I have seen are sterling silver or black subdued. There are also several cloth variations. All issue badges I have seen have three pins in a triangle shape on the back. There appears to be a slight variation of the pin locations. All of the silver badges Ive come across are ori
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