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  1. Thanks for some thoughts and views gents. Any of our Moderators/helmet experts want to throw some thoughts? VR Peg6
  2. Fantastic! My Grandfather was a Navy Corpsman off Okinawa, while my other grandfather was slugging it out with Co K. 32nd inf 7th ID on the accross the island. VR Peg6
  3. So again the question is a 3X used 2nd Infantry Division, 1 time painted insignia, 1 time decal added, then overpainted, then subdued 2nd ID. So shes a 3X a 2nd ID helmet. Thoughts on how she got that way. Thank you all. VR Peg6
  4. Btw it does not have the sheen from the light. its a pretty muted dark pine. Similar to a WWII Repaint on an original ETO CPTS helmet.
  5. Doyler, good to see you my friend, Sorry for my being mostly out of the picture. My wife unexpectidly passed in December... So Just on a soul journey right now a little. I think we are getting stuck on the outter layer to much. It was a painted normandy era FS FB, that was then patch painted, a Decal Applied, then a army WWII Green overpaint over it all.... The helmet then shows sign of this dark green, but that's where it sat used last, because that dark green was applied before stacked, it would have never been issued like that and broke in Korea? The overpaint lends itself still to a WW
  6. Thank you for the first thought! Okay, so if I hear you right, The Helmet would have lived all the way through 1 full WWII repaint over remaing decal, and then it was in the stores for 2nd ID during Korea, it was Re-painted with a flare for the Helmets decal/history or for some reason when it was repainted/ subdued and issued? One problem tho, this shade is not the standard WWII, however as you see it was done prior to it going into storage. look at the Rim how its pulled away from storage, POST that dark paint... I just want to be sure I understand how it fits into a possible sce
  7. and stress crack final, No anchor mark, Black Steel hardware.
  8. Hey all, Painted helmets are always a tricky thing... esp during WWII in the ETO. But lets have a good discussion on this one that I picked up. I wish this one could talk... I'd like to get opinions, thoughts, please support your thoughts though, I want to help rejuvenate some of the discussion of old. No "Fake repro saw it at a show last year". So I snagged this off ebay. FS, FB 098A, Chinstrap and bales were field repaired, this helmet sat in a "rust bucketed" stack for little before being kept. 1. My first question has anyone seen this done before? Similar to the 4th ID W
  9. JAN/FEB RH: - Selling quite a bit to pay for some recent life events. If you are interested in any other items, please do not hesitate to inquire. SALE DETAILS: Sales Will Begin 28 January. -How to Buy: First PM or MSG to me in the individual priced item image thread after 1000 HRS CST 28 January, “I’ll take it reserves”, I will update items as sold as I can. https://www.facebook.com/pg/RenewHistory JAN/FEB Sale Post Pinned to top. -How to Pay: Pay-pal (F&F or add 2.9% to total), M.O., P. Check. INTL contact me for quote prior to sending payment. All Values are in USD -RETURN
  10. https://www.facebook.com/RenewHistory/photos/a.347262329339726/476996333032991/?type=3 Fb link with the kellys. And my mistake. The darker shade has the USMC dark green brown. But the pea was readily avail to both services. As army logistics took over from marine service battalions they had to work together and transition. Commo, Peleliue is a great example of that from 1mardiv to 81st inf div. Peg6
  11. Here is a USMC Kelly same paint. It had a usmc chinstrap made from a usmc pack strap. Vr Peg6
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