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  1. Hi, I bought it. I bought it directly from the veteran's daughter. Robbie
  2. Thank you all, do you have any documentation on NS Meyer's markings? I had a lot of different things about this thanks
  3. Hello everyone, before confirming the sale I liked to have your opinion. This badge comes from the daughter of a veteran, but it seems to me that this marking is post war, how can a badge of the 517th be post war? thank you
  4. Hi, Thank you for your interest, I would try to do more pictures during the day, actually that's a reason why he could wear a 17th Airborne ssi! Robbie
  5. Hi, this is the grouping I just bought. James N Batton 14046508 Hq&Hq Co 509th PIB He took part in Operation SHINGLE, he was wounded in the south of France on 17 August. He took part in the Battle of the Bulge without being wounded. When the 509th was disbanded, he was transferred to the 504th PIR, I don't know when he was transferred to the 17th Airborne. If anyone can find out any more information, I'd be grateful. https://www.509thgeronimo.org/soldierbattonjn/soldierbattonjn.html Grouping consists of: -1 Dog Tag -3 V-Mail -List of CIB attributed on 10 Apr
  6. OMG!!! it's crazy, I'd just like to have at least one of your items it's crazy, I'd just like to have at least one of your rooms
  7. Robbie

    USMC airborne

    thank you for sharing these photos, usmc airborne uniform and equipment, are very rare, especially here in France
  8. Lookingjust wow, Nice collection
  9. very well presented, I really like
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