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  1. ALICE FRAME Some photo contribution. Side by side comparison of the early frame (left) and the post 1977 frame (right). The early frame is noticeably shorter. Other differences, aside from the color, are the early has bigger strap loop holes and the frame tube ends at the level of the frame base. Minor variations in the post 1977 frame. The plastic insert around the strap loop hole of this one has its sharp edge in the interior side of the frame. This one dispensed with the plastic insert completely. LOWER BACK STRAP and WAIST STRAP Early (Top) ( forgot
  2. Hi, The ALICE Suspender. This is one item that didn't change at all, except for the color. The change from LC-1 to LC-2 is just purely redesignation and no actual change in the design was made. LC-1 suspender LC-2 suspender late production, bluish-green color. This is an accessory slip-on padding for the suspender. Got this in the early 80s. The absence of any markings or labels except for the letters FMCO made me guess that this is an aftermarket or commercial product. Any info about this will be greatly appreciated. Slipped on Next topic = ALICE Pist
  3. Sgtmonroe, Nice collection of very early ALICE you got there. To keep this nice topic going, I'll add some more photos and maybe offer comparisons of early and late stuff and show some variations. I'll start with the ammunition pouch. As mentioned, the ALICE was developed from the LINCLOE. Here is a side by side photo of the LINCLOE pouch and a 1974 dated pouch; The pouch on the left is the LINCLOE while on the right is the ALICE. Externally, one can hardly tell the difference. The only difference is the absence of stitching for the plastic stiffener on the front flap cover o
  4. Oh ok, so these are what's inside the cannister round. Thank you, sir, for the info. Looking at these darts, I sure don't want to be at the wrong end of the field when these comes out of a barrel.
  5. Its a metal scrap yard, sir, near a smelting plant. This find was several years ago, saw them in barrels along with .223, .30, & .50cal links. The lot owner said he got those through bidding and are destined for the smelting plant. I went back there a couple of years later and they were all gone. There were also some empty snake-eye bombs complete with retard fins but they were too heavy and too expensive for me to get and they were gone too.
  6. Tried that, sir, but it turns out the blown mortar round is just 60mm. It has this yellow stuff that gets on my hands. Could that be a smoke mortar round?
  7. Yes, sir, 1 is shorter. I just don't know its designation. Same dummy here, sir. Those anti-tanks mines were littered everywhere and I just got 2. There was also a huge pile, I mean hundreds, of demilitarized AT-4's (sights removed) sold for just $2 apiece and just got 2 also. And now they are all gone.
  8. Hi, aside from the flechettes that I found in the scrap yard, did find these stuff too. Practice 2.75 inch rocket Practice 3.5 inch Rocket and an 81mm mortar round w/o fuse. The 3.5 inch rocket was originaly painted in blue but I painted it with OD. A 90mm Casing 25mm casing, practice grenades, and a blown mortar round M12 Anti-tank mines with fuses. These were also originally painted blue, I painted them OD One of the fuses that I got is not a practice fuse Hermie
  9. Yes, the flechettes are about an inch long. So, they are from a 105 round. Thank you very much, sir. Though I did find some darts that are a bit longer. Do you know, sir, where they are from? Hermie
  10. Hi, got this from a scrap yard. Is this what's called the beehive round? Thanks in advance Hermie
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'm just starting to go into WW2 uniforms. The infos are greatly appreciated. Hermie
  12. Hi, I recently got 3 shirts. Two of which I can identify. (from right) First is a USN OD cotton field shirt (era, I'm not sure), second is a WW2 officer's khaki shirt. The 3rd one, I couldn't identify. The shade is lighter than the Army shirt, textile is softer, has breast pocket pleats, and the buttons are similar to the USN shirt. It has no markings, labels, or anything. Does anyone know about this? Is this issue or privately tailored? What branch of service? Thank you. Hermie
  13. Sir, may I ask. What's with the crossed rifles? How can you tell that they are probably Vietnam era blouses. Thanks.
  14. Have a similar device and I also don't know what's it for. Hermie
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