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  1. Trying to ID this patch - I've found a repro on Ebay labeled with above. Is this patch the real deal instead of a repro do you think - and if so what would the current value be? Part of a patch collection I'm looking at and clueless on value.
  2. I don't know where best to post this, or even if someone has already posted it in this forum - but with so many collectors, buyers, sellers here thought it might be of interest. Here is the beginning of his info. Read the Facebook link below for full info. and pictures of missing items: For those who don’t know, I’m back home from my deployment! Which is an awesome feeling. However, what I had to come home to, not so much.. While I was deployed, I hired a company to move and store my entire life. The storage company I entrusted (and pre-paid in full the agreed price) to safeguard ALL
  3. Looks like some kind of honor guard unit with the white belt, gloves and hats.
  4. Found a couple of sets of these at a garage sale. Wondering when they would have been worn. I'm thinking WW2 USAAF but could be way off wack! Came in a bag with these still sealed ribbon star & 10 year devices. Does anyone collect the like or are they just too common? Thanks! Sue
  5. Love it. Some great look alikes. I don't see it with the first one though - I'd say he looks more like Bill Murray
  6. Amazing thread! Thank you so much for all you did and for sharing it here! Sue
  7. Interesting post. I truly didn't even remember being issued a handbag when I entered the Air Force in 1980, but seeing the picture did remind me. I don't believe I ever carried it and guess I did indeed ditch it quickly. I've never been a purse person and when I was working I carried a briefcase. Ditched the odd pillbox style felt hat too, it got flattened in my luggage during a move and I never messed with it again - happily as an SP I wore a beret! Sue
  8. Fabulous thread! So informative and great to see all of the photos. I'll watch for a WOW patch for you when hitting the estate sales now that I know what it is! Sue
  9. Thank you so much for the fabulous information everyone! It is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the slow response, but as a newbie my # of posts is restricted, so I couldn't post before now (and this one will max. me out again for another day I think). Couple of quick questions. Where would this patch have been worn? Shoulder? Chest? Any concept of value? I'm truly clueless! Sue
  10. Thank you everyone for your kind welcomes! How nice that there are so many friend AZ people here too! Sue
  11. Hi all! I'm a total newbie here. Found this patch today in a bin of items I collected long ago. I don't remember where I found it or why I tossed it into the bin (racking my brain to no avail!). Anyway, researched a bit and found a thread on this forum that helped me ID it as a WW2 Squadron patch for the 17th Troop Carrier Squadron. It is leather, 5 1/2"D (5" if measuring the outer circle of the patch), painted or dyed. The black lines are actual cuts into the leather. Is it authentic (sure looks real). Shows a mad Donald Duck wearing a pilots cap stomping away from a 2 seater outhouse
  12. Welcome! I just joined today too. I'm in AZ, but lived in Nashville when I met my Hubby and our two children were born in beautiful Tullahoma, TN. What a cool thing to collect. I'm a former AF SP (1980's) and I do have a Smith & Wesson K-38 Revolver Model 15 that my son gave me for my birthday a few years back. That is the weapon I carried when I was in the AF and I love shooting it again now, feels like an old friend! My oldest brother served in Viet Nam as an Army Helicopter Mechanic for 2 tours. Sadly he passed away a few years ago in an accident. With Christmas coming up I was thi
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