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  1. Yep that’s Beo-gam not NPFF cloud.
  2. Looks more like Beo-gam in the original photo.
  3. Hi Richie,


    What kind of pieces you looking for, I collect too.


    I have had spare before.



  4. Can you get in touch with me please, Thank you.

  5. The MRF metal patches are to be worn the pocket. reason being is you can take it off and put it on the next jacket you get out of laundry. I Have seen them also worn on a beret and do own some. I have one on a plaque also with the pins grounded off.
  6. Beret under boonie is the local Tiger copy have seen Vet owned ones that came out of Dong Tam worn by the Brown water navy crew and support.
  7. what's the puckering like on the back of the tapes? Looks like they were put on with different thread to the other patches. Sometimes people add stuff on to restore a jacket. not saying this is what happened here but it could be.
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