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  1. Are you selling your entire collection Chris?
  2. I saw a few of your posts on certain things showing your interest in the 28th Infantry Division, perhaps you would know when if at all the Keystone patch was used with a green boarder, because I am only familiar with a fully red keystone..

  3. Sbas

    Unmarked Pilot wing

    Thanks for letting me know also! Anyway the back of the wing is not painted and is for sale for 25,- euro, a decent price I think! Regards, Sebas
  4. I think this was supposed to look like General Patton his 3 star liner!
  5. Can you guys give me your opinion on this wing? It came with the early flat clutches. Thanks guys! Sebas
  6. Ive seen a helmet just like this one...The only problem is I cant remember where :pinch:
  7. I like this one! I have his DCU brother here, but am on the way for a setup like this to! Thanks for sharing!
  8. What do you mean I hope...This is the best A2 Ive ever seen. What a nice example! :thumbsup:
  9. Some verry rare items here...that FJ medic marked helmet for instance!
  10. Wow, absolutly perfect dysplay. :thumbsup: What is the story about the canteen cup marked d-day 6-6-44? Sebas
  11. I have a MICH with the green chinstraps with the tan retention straps...this is an early MICH I was told. Can someone make a rough timeline with the specs. of the MICH from first issue untill now? Its quite hard to date those helmets for me...you guys seem to know a lot more so lets share this info :w00t:
  12. Wrong...there is no Dutch Bronze Lion (De Bronzen Leeuw) award in this ribbonrack. There is however a ribbon for the ''Officer in the Order of Oranje Nassau''...see these links: http://www.lintjes.nl/civiele_orden/orde_o...n/officier.html http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronzen_Leeuw
  13. To bad...I was wondering because of the Dutch Officer in the Order of Oranje Nassau was on the ribbonrack.
  14. Do you know who a uniform in this setup might have belonged to? Sebas
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