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nguoi tien su

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    I am mainly interested in USAF and VNAF uniforms and equipments (Vietnam War). I also like advisors' items and especially when related to VNAF and VNMC! I lived in Saigon from 2000 to 2008 and went many times to Cambodia but also Laos and Thailand where I have now settled.
  1. There is one profile on Linkedin saying that the guy worked as deputy director, Afghan Local Police Special Operations Advisory Cell at NSOCC-A/SOJTF-A. I also received those from Kabul.
  2. Probably more accurate indeed. I have seen several photos with South Vietnamese flags displayed and the world captured in the caption. Someone missed something
  3. I was lucky to get another part of Col. Rhoades's estate and this desirable Windproof set.. I am waiting for photos of his OG-107s (MACV), patches and boots.
  4. By 1972, this was not the design of the Cambodian flag anymore. It had been changed in October 1970, when Lon Nol became the new leader in Cambodia. And it is not the flag used by the Khmer Rouge either. If it was "captured" that would be the flag of a "neutral" country that did not exist anymore?
  5. I am wondering if it could be 1st and 2nd flights instead of 1st and 2nd squadrons? The dragon bears the “I” (Roman numeral) on patches #2 and #3 the way it was designed under the French.
  6. Great additions to this thread! The patches are very desirable! I think that 62 63 (first deployment) is what you see on the wartime photo. Never seen this one before.
  7. Well done! This set was available for years and I could not decide what it was... Great work.
  8. Erik, Gil, Here is one from the same unit. I was amazed at the number of Corporals that were part of the 11th Pathfinder. Jungle Jackets with the pathfinder qualification are hard to come by! Now I need a black cap... .
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