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  1. I have my uncle’s belt buckle from his time on Guam.
  2. My father on the right - served with C/1/38th Infantry, 2nd ID and was selected to be on the 10th Corps Honor Guard in Korea 1951.
  3. My father around the summer 1951 serving with C/1/38th Infantry, 2nd Division
  4. Your dad’s picture is probably in the 27th Division pictorial from 1940-1941. It has individual ID’s of everyone and you can see the DI’s being worn. If you send your father’s name I can look him up pretty quick.
  5. He was probably a member of the 108th Infantry Regiment which was initially part of the 27th Division and would explain the American Defense Service medal. They were part of the federalization in 1940 and when the 27th was alerted for the Pacific the 108th was assigned to the 40th Division which fought in the Philippines. When the war ended many of the veterans rejoined the 27th as it returned to be the NY National Guard. I have a uniform from the 27th that the vet gave me - 4 yrs worth of overseas bars and he was a Private as well. I have the newspaper clippings stating he was one of thirteen
  6. Heres the front side of a 101st patch from Vietnam my old commander gave me
  7. I’ve seen a lot of commo platoons make guidons that they supported in combat arms units in Korea over the years. Fairly common practice.
  8. This hits home for me as well. We must be from the same part of the state because I have a lot of items from the 27th Division from WWII. My uncle and many of the men in my neighborhood past items on to me. I spent 30 years in the Army and acquired a lot over the years. I’m struggling with my father passing away this past October. He was a rifleman with 2ID during the Korean war and I have his things and I realized that I need to share some of things with my brother so his grandchildren can remember him. That will be on my next trip back to Albany.
  9. The picture above left to right is CSM Bob Gallagher (passed away a few years ago), Larry Moores, Larry Perino, and unfortunately I can't remember the next mans name.
  10. 2 of the men in this photo I stay in contact with...both were decorated and one was wounded....they both got out after Mogadishu needing some time to put things back in perspective...both came back to serve our nation...one as a fire rescue officer & running a youth camp and the other through OCS back to the Ranger battalion and to Special Forces and retires this year
  11. We did have a few SEALs with the group...not a large group from memory...I do remember seeing SEALs before we re-deployed from a regular SEAL team...I went jumpmaster school with 2 of them and we talked about Lorenzo Ruiz who was also in our class who was KIA....Ruiz was a very good man that always led from the front
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