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  1. no replies confirm my thoughts on this. Appears that the Navys use of leather edgeroll for the APH6 was limited to in house mods by either Protection or Sierra which clearly relied on stitched on rather than snap on material.
  2. Hey Group, I've installed several of these edge rolls from Sierra over the years and although they're listed on the install instruction sheet that it was designed for the Sierra "modified" APH-6 - (APH-6E ?), but I have never seen evidence of a snap on roll, on a US Navy helmet that was actually worn/used for flight ops. Evertything I've encountered has been Protection modified with a sewn on roll. Anyone here have any documentation or photos that would verify that this edge roll was in fact installed on US Navy helmet(s).
  3. Pm me your address and I'll send it to you for postage reimbursement.
  4. This info is for anyone who might not know, altho Im sure everyone on this thread probably do... Here are a couple of mods from push button locs to screw locks. Neither of the loc "T"s have been filed to fit on mine and they are too tight to be acceptable for use beyond where they are shown positioned in the photos. A couple of many projects, currently on the bench. ?
  5. quote ; I wonder if that would be easier than trying to locate another one of these! I've seen push button locs show up for sale from time to time, but very rarely. Some of these were 86'd (while still current) for the better designed, screw lock that's still on everything today. I've replaced a couple of damaged push locks with blue "Sierra Eng" screw locks from the 60s era, which I personally like better. True, not 100% "as issued" correct, but safe to say 100% valid era upgrade from..... One thing to note when installing a screw lock as a replacement on an APH-5 (or early HGU-2) housing with chrome metal track rails.. The threaded metal visor "t" retainer piece that runs up and down between the rails, fits almost every housing tight (drag) and will cause problems especially towards the front of the housing when the visor is pulled down for use. I've corrected this by simply removing a thousandth or two (figurative) from each side of the metal "T" with a file. That will ease up on the drag from the tight fit and everything will work fine.
  6. I think this is what you need, but it's useless without the retainer spring to keep it all together and functioning. The spring attaches thru the hole (in the photo) and the other end, same into the hole in the bottom of the the "T" visor attachment part that you have. I've never tried to rethread the tiny spring for this but it looks like it would take a chap with s jewelers skill to make it happen. ?
  7. I think I have the detent but the spring will be the holy grail for the project. I'll check my stash. There are probably a million applications for tiny springs (that could be used) but coming across one is the tricky part.
  8. looks like the small spring and detent part are missing?
  9. Once you get the button off, the rest falls out of the track sorry bout the mixup, it has been a long time since I tried to remove one. ?
  10. Derek, I just took mine off and it is regular thread, left to loosen. I did push it down while turning it and I just used my thumb
  11. Derek,..I think that's a left hand thread like the normal screw locks. Hopefully, the previous owner didn't see fit to Loctite it, as I have run across that issue in the past On second thought you may be able to remove the housing and install the visor with out removing the knob...
  12. It has found it's due place in the annals of history.
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