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  1. Very nice group, looks like you collect U.S.M.C. by the items in the background. Thanxs for sharing Gerard
  2. very nice, you look the era, Gerard
  3. The m-8 signal pistol was a important piece of ww2 aviation history, if any member needs one for their collection i have one i could part with. Thanx Gerard
  4. Remember August 6th 1945 was not only the 1st atomic bomb dropping but also the death of Richard Ira Bong the top scoring U. S. ace of WWII from Poplar WI. Fair weather to you Major Bong. Thank you Gerard
  5. Moved this ad to the proper For sale section. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you Gerard
  6. For sale. 10 U.S. dog tags. WWI, WWII and Korea. And 1 Vietnam "If I die" novelty tag. Also 2 keepsake attachments and 1 U.S.M.C good conduct metal attachment. Some tag chains. I believe a couple are to the same person. Must see photo for condition and content. $120.00 and I will pay the pay pal fees and shipping cost in the USA. Sorry only way to send photo is from cell phone to cell phone text. I have other items on this forum and the World Military forum. Look, I will give a package price. Thanks Gerard
  7. I like your room, very nice thanx Gerard
  8. Hello Josephine, Welcome to the Forum, I myself am new to the site but already have met some great people, enjoy, and again welcome to the forum, Gerard
  9. Very nice group, i really enjoyed seeing it, thank you for sharing with all of us.
  10. so glad you got to save this group of ww2 history from being destroyed for ever. thank you
  11. Great USMC group, the Okinawa battle was a great battle , you have a very nice group , thanx for sharing.
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