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  1. If you check out my instagram account @ _warhelmets_ you can find photos there.
  2. Yes he added the laundry number to the liner. There was never a shell with it. Im assuming he had an extra shell with a laundry number so he decided to put it on there and sell as an "original piece".
  3. Good afternoon all, I have taken a break from collecting over the past 6 months and have recently come back. I went on eBay and to my disgust is a Hawley liner I had once owned which has been tampered with. The seller is a complete liar. I had sold this liner in late 2017/2018. He added a random laundry number to the inside to match the Fixed loop shell he added with it. I can not stand when historical artifacts are messed with.
  4. In Rome until Tuesday. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. January of 1956 is when these Diamond EGAs were sewn on.
  6. Late 1950s or early 60s. I believe the pattern EGA is from 1956. Not sure though.
  7. I believe it's an M1947 Parka used by the Marines most notably used at Chosin
  8. Looks like a fixed loop Hawley set! Amazing photograph!
  9. Thanks for posting! Now more people are gonna bid on it.....
  10. Always wanted one but could never purchase because of NYs great laws. Congrats!
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