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    PAYING CASH FOR: USMC Uniforms, Helmets, Medals, Photos, Drums, Flags, Corps Devices (EGA's) Firearms, Edged Weapons, Firearms, Scrapbooks, USMC stenciled or marked field gear and horse tack etc.

    - Paying premiums for PRE-1900 and pre-WW2 CHINA MARINE items -

    Also seeking 19th Century regulation U.S. headgear and uniforms, as well as items related to the frontier campaigns and U.S. Indian Wars. This includes American Indian relics and items related to early Spanish and Mexican California - Spurs, saddles, bridles, lances, reatas, etc.

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  1. Good to see many familiar faces here. Neat little show well worth the time and effort.
  2. Seen a few ladder badges, but not sure I've had a big cased shield like this before. Good looking to be sure.
  3. All of you should skip going to SOS, pool your available funds together, and go in on the opportunity of a lifetime. The stamp really pushes it over the edge.
  4. These took a hit along with most things a few years back when many of the large collections got liquidated. I have noticed an uptick as of late as more chevron and patch collectors are switching over to USMC.
  5. Yes, WW1 Marine Officer studio shot in his dress blues.
  6. Get some black powder loads and shoot those old war horses.
  7. Sending you a PM. I work under a Class 3 FFL for NFA MG's.
  8. Will be there Wed-Sun. Bring your USMC and Cowboy and Western stuff!
  9. Ahhhh OK. The other medal was for National Guard Units....that makes sense. Thanks guys.
  10. I am attempting to research this medal, it is No. 1158. Are the US Army Mexican Service Medals traceable if you merely have the number vs. the name? How is the this style different than the ones that you normally see for men that served on the Punitive Expedition chasing Pancho Villa? Did they use both medals for the Villa campaign, but only the earlier one for Vera Cruz and the earlier Mexico actions? I know someone on here will know....
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