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  1. Yep ! They had $99 on it but came down to 60 . I bought a few things that day ( not military related ) . Did you see the constabulary uniform there also ? It was ( If I remember right ) $80 on it just for the jacket . Dave
  2. Great Photos everyone !! Here are a couple more pictures of the uniform . Thanks again to all for your time and help !!! Dave
  3. Thank You Both very much !! I was thinking unit crest but was not sure . I think it was in a ASMIC catalog I saw it . Thanks Again !! Dave
  4. Picked this up the other day and have been looking for the article I read some time ago about the the ribbon on the shoulder strap . I can not remember what it was for . Guess I'm getting old . Any help would be Great !! Thank You !!! Dave
  5. I bought these today at the local flea market . The dealer said he didn't know what they were but was in with some other military . Does anyone know if they are even US military ? They are 1 1/4" X 1 1/2" . Thank You for all your time and trouble !! Dave
  6. There are some great things that show up from time to time at Urbana . Dave
  7. Thank you all very much for your help !! Dave
  8. Still have not found out anything about this patch or unit . Does anyone have one or a picture of it ? Just thought I would ask again . Many Thanks !! Dave
  9. Thank You for your time and help !! I got up to 2008 in my search . Dave
  10. Thank You all for your replies . 36 tex do you know what Trading Post the article was in ? Dave
  11. Thank You for the guess I will have to check it out !! One thing I noticed on this plate it has 3 holes across the bottom . Much like some of the WWII California plates have . Dave
  12. Hi All , I picked this up at an antique shop yesterday and would like to know a little more about it . It is made of a velvet type material with the black being embroidered . It is full size also . I believe it to be Vietnam era , but am not sure . I looked around on the web and found nothing like it . I have started becoming interested in Vietnam made patches . and would like your opinion on this one . Thank You for your help and opinions !! Dave
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