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    Helmets & Hat collecting.
  1. Great portrait Eric and very hard to come by, as you don't often see USMC servicemen in studio portraits in there camo gear.
  2. Great helmet Mike, Always enjoy seeing any helmet connected with the Guadalcanal campaign, congrats on the helmet and research.
  3. Some great period pic's..thanks for posting.
  4. Thanks guys for your opinions, its much appreciated.
  5. Here is that Normandy photo in a larger format...
  6. Glen, Thank you for your info and time.. its much appreciated, ("6-months-from-manufacture-to-frontline") it does seem along time, I would had thought that they would have push them out alot quicker. I have been looking at quit a few photograph's on the internet and some of my books I have in my library, to tried to find anything that may indicate a paratrooper strapped swivel bail shell being worn before Varsity or during that campaign, one photo that stood out and caught my eye is this photo that is well known across the collecting community from the Normandy campaign (see pic).. to me
  7. Thanks Ken for thoughts much appreciated. I have decipher the best I can the heat shell lot number 10?0B, keeping in mind its a Stainless steel rim/-Rear seam helmet, that would place my helmet being manufactured between "Sep 44" and "Dec 44". I understand when it comes to the photography (period pics) I have not found any "clear images" either but that can sometimes be difficult.My main focus in collecting is headgear and photography. So is the collecting community saying that the (M1C helmet) was manufactured during WWII but issued post war for Korea ? I find it odd that helmet
  8. Jamie, Im sure a lot guys here could possibly help you out with your problem.
  9. Thanks Mike, JKash and Phil. Now from what I have seen and read I presume my shell is a M1C ?, now for a question I have... Would this type of example been worn in Op Market Garden or Op Varsity or none of the above. ? the shell that is. Only because I read conflicting opinions, so Im slighty confused ? Thanks guys.
  10. I put a negative touch to my photo to see if it makes it any easier to see the photo...
  11. Mcord stamp number is a little difficult to make out, looks like someone did some rubbing in the past to try and make out what it is... Best I can came up with is 10??B....?
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