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  1. Always nice to see your tremendous 782 gear collection, Flage Cheers, E
  2. Hi Dieter, welcome on USMF !! Where are you in Picardie ? I'm near Château-Thierry Regards, E
  3. Hi, did you try the contact form on Souilly's website here http://www.souilly.fr/public/ ? Regards, E
  4. Hi, from what I've seen on fixed loops M1, the most rounded loops are Schlueter's, but less rounded ones come on the early McCord's shells and then the square McCord that are considered the "standard". E
  5. Yes, it is !! From what I see, it seems to be a round tang model ... not the earliest variation but still an early one. Does it have another marking on the other side of the blade, USMC, USN or nothing ? E
  6. Hi, here is a set of early (1914-1930's) canteen covers ... you can even see the 1914 dated Phila Depot stamp E
  7. Yes, you see things ... but good things He is indeed wearing a civilian shirt, no doubt about that ... an interesting detail not often seen on US sailors. E
  8. Hi Dean, the M1941 is a very nice piece indeed ... but no more in my collection as it went back to the vet's family in 2015. Cheers, E
  9. At first sight, it seems to be a single side Ka-Bar with a replaced pommel ...E
  10. Hi Dean, it's a great helmet, I wish I had such a nice piece in my collection :: Which unit was LG Castellaneta attached to in Okinawa ? Cheers, E
  11. +1 ... the only possible upgrade would be the specific PAL sheath E
  12. Hi, I appreciate your complimentary comments ... even if I did my best, there's still many things I have to learn, so many techniques and skills to master in modeling Thank you all, E
  13. Excellent find indeed !! The blade seems unsharpened, isn't it ? E
  14. This early KaBar is gorgeous !! I guess every 1219c2's addict will be jealous E
  15. Hi, Michael A Pinadella enlisted in August 1942 and joined the 3rd Marines Regt in the early months of 1943 ... still listed on the october 1943 muster rolls, he perhaps fought in Bougainville but is then listed as sick in Navy Hospital in January 1944 and went back stateside. Regarding Thomas G Bonds, he appears shortly on USS Albemarle (AV-5) in Oct-Nov.1944 as a AOM2c (Aviation Ordnanceman 2c). Hope this helps ... E
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