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  1. He did say it was "old" Japanese and said something about some of the symbols crossing over as Chinese. Further research shows the box construction is most likely 1940s or 1950s. It contains some of the same hardware as some of the Type A sextant boxes were made of.
  2. last photo.... any info on this sextant and box would be greatly appreciated. Looking for era and why box is marked in Japanese. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know about this particular aircraft sextant. I can't seem to find any information on it. The serial number is 223. The box it is in is marked with Japanese writing and the interior content sheet is also in Japanese. I was able to get a friend who reads and speaks Japanese to translate. The words on the lid are Bubble Sextant 1 Set and the interior sheet translates to Bubble sextant, 1 set 1 bubble sextant, 2 spare batteries, 2 spare bulbs. It appears to be a U.S. made box with the added Japanese words and sheets. If anyone knows about this type of sextant and what era it is, it would be appreciated. Also as to why a U.S. made sextant is cased and marked in Japanese.
  4. Any help in identifying this would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, there is no any other identifying stampings or marks on the canopy other than what is provided in these photos.
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