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  1. Here's a studio portrait of an Army Air Forces Pilot in color from a studio at Coffeyville Army Air Field in Kansas. Sadly it wasn't named but came in a gold finished frame which makes me think that he was possibly KIA. The only clue I have to his identity beyond the studio is that this was found in New Hampshire but could have come from Massachusetts as well. Nice portrait and glad to be able to share it here.
  2. Just curious if anyone ever claimed owning this grouping here on the forum as I have 5 original V-Mails from this Officer when he was assigned to the 506th PIR. The content was published in Mark Bando's Book Avenging Eagles as I shared them with him and would be willing to share copies of them with whoever has this grouping.
  3. It's twice as heavy as a M-1 helmet so it's not a shell but the idea of it being part of a monument makes sense being that it appears to be brass or bronze. There was no markings nor any mounts for the bales or anything else inside. Maybe it was supposed to be used as a war memorial or part of a statue.
  4. Thanks and all credit goes to Shadawg for for coming up with the monogram theory and to Aznation for ID'd Dowling on the muster rolls. I had a feeling that it would lead back to here in NH as that's where the helmet turned up and it did!
  5. In further research I found that CBM (AA) Thomas John Dowling SN 131 81 45 was detached from the USS ATR-61 for temporary duty Ship Salvage and Fire Fighting on 16 Dec. 1944 the same day that WT 1/C Jesse Carl Willis was found guilty of being drunk on duty and reduced in rank to WT 2/C. Willis was transferred off the ship on 21 Dec. 1944 ending up on another ship being the USS Dawn XI-186 having previously served on the USS Ariel AF-22 and then the USS Chase DE158 prior to the USS ATR-61. He finished the war as a WT 2/C. Dowling ended up on the USS Refuge AH-11 Hospital ship as a patient on
  6. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on this brass helmet mold as I can't find anything like it on line or here in the forum. I would have to think it's quite rare as a production item for making liners if that in fact is what it is.
  7. Thanks and I figured as much, not sure why this would have been with a WW2 grouping if it's post war Air Force but who knows, things get mixed together all the time!
  8. Wow that's a great thought and it sure does look like a cattle brand. I can see the TJD initials in it too and I'm wondering if he painted all the ship's helmets that way as a joke being as this was numbered as well. Then Tex (Jesse) could have named his personal one as shown so that it was personalized. Really good catch there and makes sense to me. Now we only have to see if we can find another one just like it to confirm the theory!
  9. The shell appears to be heatstamped 722B which would put it @ November of 1943 and I've pictured the bail and the rusty chinstrap as well. The liner is an Inland 45 and I've tried to show that too. I also agree with the numeral being an 8 as it looks correct when you hang it vertically as on a ship rack. Cool Navy helmet ID'd to both ship and sailor.
  10. I was able to buy this helmet from my friend and the first thing I noticed that I had missed before is that Tex's nickname was on the shell as well. Looking back at the first picture I took it was there but I didn't see it in the daylight but it's there for sure when lit up. Here's a couple of pictures that show it better. I'm thinking since his name is in the liner and on the shell it's likely that they were together onboard the ship but as to when the yellow paint was applied I have no idea if before or after he used it.
  11. This DI came with a grouping for an Army Air Forces member who served stateside but I can't find it anywhere so hopefully it will be an easy layup for someone to ID for me. No maker marks but is marked STERLING and is pinback. More blue then black on the enamel which photographed darker then it is. Thanks in advance!
  12. My friend turned up what I believe to be a M-1 Helmet Liner Brass Mold and he asked me to post it here so we can figure out what it is. It's the same shape and size as a M-1 Shell but it's made of solid brass with no bales or other fittings. A liner will fit into it if you press it in but it won't fit into a shell as it's the same size. My thoughts are that it was used as a production mold for making the liners or perhaps to resize them after they were warped from use. No markings on it beyond some kid putting stars on it and it's quite heavy in weight and heft.
  13. Thanks for that information and most appreciated, now I can date it better.
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