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  1. Chris & Patrick, Thank you both for your comments and observations. Chris, I appreciate you posting the picture of "Unknown Maker #2". I guess I was so focused on the BB&B Dallas Wing that I blew right by those "Unknowns" in the video. I hope that someday we will know if these are from a different manufacturer or just different BB&B dies. Until then, I'm happy to own an authentic "Unknown Maker #2" ! I want to again thank all who replied and shared their insight. I'm still new to collecting WWI aviator wings and sincerely appreciate all the help I have found on this forum. Dan
  2. Thank you Allan. I appreciate your comment and confidence that those wings are right. It's great to have access to all the knowledge on this Forum. Thanks, Dan
  3. Thank you. Good to know there were other companies making that style wing. I had not considered BB&B may have had other die sets as well. Either way, I feel better about these wings. I always appreciate your opinion. Your book is always the first reference I go to. Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I need some help with these wings. I purchased them a few years ago and proudly posted them on this site: Several of the comments at that time were positive regarding the wings and many of the comments were about cleaning the wings. See more pictures and comments at: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/308527-finally-found-a-wwi-dallas-wing/ So I've been happy & proud of these wings until I saw the video on Dallas Wings, posted at this link: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/340225-video-ww1-dallas-style-pilot-wings-by-bailey-banks-biddle/ I thought it was a well done and very informative video. Wish I had been aware of some of those details, such as counting the number of beads on various parts of the wing. As I learned, the BB&B Dallas Wing has 21 beads across the top of the shield, and 21 across the middle, and 54 along the top of each wing. Well, since I have plenty of time for counting (thanks to the coronavirus shutting down everything else...) I counted the beads on my wing. There are 22 beads across the top; 18 across the middle of the shield; and the wings seem to have 53 on one and 52 on the other. Very disappointing. So I began looking for any wings with a similar pattern. After looking at many, I found these wings that appear identical to mine (same bead count in all locations): http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/wwi/us/fergusondallaspattern.shtml So, my question is are these wings fake, or are they a period copy of the Dallas style wing? Thanks again for any comments/opinions. Dan
  5. Thanks ABN. I'd be interested in those photos if you happen to find them. I'd also like to see photos of the originals that Rickenbacker gave out during WW2, if anyone has those. Thanks, Dan
  6. LtDan

    W.C. Link

    Does anyone have information on the William C. Link Company? I would like to know when they were in existence and their location. I think I saw somewhere that they were in New Jersey. The attached mark in seen on WW1 pilot wings by Link.
  7. Thanks....that's what I thought. I'd like to see an original one if anyone has photos. I appreciate the help.
  8. Hello, I recently bought this 94th Aero Squadron "Hat in the Ring" lapel pin at an auction. Just wanted to know if anyone has a link to an original one. While researching this pin I found a link to quality reproductions.......which makes me think my pin may be a reproduction. http://www.1903.com/WWI-94th-Aero-Squadron-Hat-in-the-Ring-Sterling-Pin-p163.html Mine is marked with the "800" . Any help or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  9. LtDan

    Army ROTC Wings

    I located a pamphlet regarding Army ROTC Flight Training that will provide some information on ROTC wings . The pamphlet was produced by the US Government Printing Office, May 1966.....and is shown in the four images below. The last page shows both the half-wing & full-wing badges along with this explanation: "Special recognition is given to students in the Flight Instruction Program. The trainee is authorized to wear the half-wing badge from the date of enrollment until completion of his flight instruction. The student who successfully completes the program is authorized to wear the full-wing badge of the ROTC aviator". I am still trying to determine when these wings ceased to be used.
  10. LtDan

    Army ROTC Wings

    Allan, Thank you for that link. I recently saw a half wing for sale on Ebay. Thanks, Dan
  11. LtDan

    Army ROTC Wings

    I attended a 4-year military school (1967-70) and the wings were awarded to cadets after their solo flight. At that time the Army paid for approximately 30 hours of flight time for cadets who were on contract to attend the Army's flight school after commissioning. I don't recall the half-wing being used at our school.....but I believe it may have been used in some locations for cadets in the flight program who had not yet soloed. I appreciate the other comments as well. Apparently this style wing was not in use after the 1990s (or perhaps not after the 1970s). There should be quite a few of them out there...... Thanks, Dan
  12. Hello, I have a question regarding these Army ROTC wings. I have seldom seen similar wings listed for sale. I checked the threads on this forum and found only a few wings such as this one. A google search for "ROTC wings" produces a "V-shaped" wing for Air Force ROTC. I don't know if that same "V-shaped" wing is used for Army ROTC........or if flight training is even still offered in Army ROTC. . I have had these since I was in Army ROTC around 1969-70. Just wondering what information may be available from Forum members regarding this badge, and if anyone knows when (or if) it ceased being used. Thanks.
  13. Thanks pfrost......and thanks for that link. Very helpful information!!
  14. Hello, I would be interested in any opinions/comments regarding this wing. It is "identified" but is the wing authentic or a "Tiffany" reproduction ? Thanks.
  15. Thanks pfrost. That's an interesting and informative thread. And thanks for the link to the collar insignia offered by Flying Tiger Antiques.
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