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  1. The Israeli version of the M-1 had this configuration.
  2. Now I am really liking the medic after seeing those new pics.! Thanks for posting them, it confirms a lot.
  3. Too many opinions, too little solid evidence to support fake or real. Put is back up for sale, give a money back guarantee and let the bidders decide. I don't think a disclaimer is needed. It's really quite simple.
  4. I like this one based on what I can see in the pics.
  5. There you go, some say it is fake, some say it's good and others like me think it has a chance. So, now the decision is back in the hands of the OP, it is never easy basing a decision on something like this based on pictures and opinions of people you've never met. The best scenario is to have an in hand inspection by some seasoned collectors, which is near to impossible to do in this field of collecting. What is the final conclusion? In the words of the famous philosopher Delmar O'Donnell: "I'm with you fellas".
  6. Really? His work tricked a lot of collectors? I guess I missed that while I was trying to help all those collectors who got burned back then, at the same time having members here take pot shots at me, accusing me of being somehow involved, and fielding phone calls from panicked collectors wondering how they could get their money back, giving them advice as to how to handle it and answering the swarm of posts here during that time. (Sarcasm intended) Honestly, I do not even "think" that the medic helmet is a fake, but I am very careful in how much I say these days and leave up to all the others to put a stamp of approval on a helmet. I find my life much more peaceful as a result. Is that transparent enough for you?
  7. Whatever you all decide on these helmets, let me be clear, they are not Jamie Kashetta's work. Trust me, there are a LOT more helmet fakers out there than the one that ya'll want to target.
  8. And yet, many collectors will see the items with the eyes of a raccoon looking at something sparkly and will buy it for the sparkle and not the fact.
  9. And this is the rub, he was banned here, he has been caught embellishing groupings and attacked those who called him out. This same thing happened in his T.R. days and followed him into his U.S. interest. Personally, there is no desire on my part to own anything he has ever had. This is sad because, there are some nice and well provenanced items in his collection. However, there is no way to determine which one is legit and which one is embellished thus, all of it becomes questionable.
  10. When speculation becomes fact, we then have a problem. Equally, if all we have is speculation that based on experience, period photos and comparatives, then the speculation(theory) cannot be discounted either. I think the question of when/if nape straps were attached in this manner has been answered, as has the question of shadowing and the stainless rim paint being worn. We do not need to try to get our opinion to come out of the other persons mouth to somehow prove we are right or have won the debate.
  11. For reference, we also have this thread from 2011 where we discussed electronic magnification but more specifically, the use of a jewelers loupe at a show. Just a nice companion to this thread:
  12. Paints in the 60's till today are acrylics or the more modern urethanes. Lacquers and enamels, which were all that was available in WWI, WWII & KW, are much more prone to shrinkage, cracking and crazing. So, to answer your question: No.
  13. July 15th!?!? Today is the 13th and I have yet to recieve a single notice from eBay about this! As a power seller, this is ludicrous!
  14. Not censored, your link was in poor taste and then you chose to take it downhill Owen, not me. Joe's work on revealing the Champagne Rune scam is well known and the subject of a pinned thread in the helmet section. You know your stuff and I bow to your expertise on camo but, playing nice goes a long way with me and you know that. Being rude goes no where with me, and you know that as well.
  15. Admin Warning: I cleaned up this mess now, let's get back to the discussion and end the foolish talk.
  16. I am aghast, who would think to poach a helmet from under another collector? 🤤 However, "many" have done so in the past and have even done so to me so, this is very sage advice.
  17. I guess I am odd man out, this is the first I heard of this. I like keeping money in my PP account, I really don't get this.
  18. Thanks Jeff, Peter Suciu texted me the bad news shortly before I read this. So many cancelled shows!
  19. These aggressor liners are so ugly but, still kinda cool.
  20. I want this one to be legit however, we have arrived at the place where fakes are so good, that a handful of down sized pictures on the internet does not give anyone a clear answer and has neutered any chance of anyone of us stating categorically that it's good or it's bad. An in hand inspection by an experienced collector(s) is really the only route with these.
  21. Some very nice picks for your first helmets, enjoy the field of helmet collecting. Now, speaking as the owner of Bugme Display Stands, you have this stand assembled incorrectly, those 4 felt pads are supposed to be facing down to protect the surface of your shelf. 🙂
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