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  1. The new pics you posted are stunning. The earlier ones you sent me did not depict how great a lid this really is. Wow!
  2. it took 8 years but, a pic in use from that period is awesome.
  3. Very unique helmet however, the artist appears to had problems with the eagles head both on front and with the EGA. I must say it is definitely out of the norm for a USMC helmet.
  4. Bear in mind also that USMC issued Mitchell covers did not have the DSA designation but carried a Marine depot number.
  5. I missed last years SOS for the first time in over a decade so, I need my fix. This does comfort those of us who were chomping at the bit. I was afraid it may be 2 years for me and that is just not fathomable.
  6. Wow, great info and in the same state as purchased.
  7. Very nice find, nicely marked 89th Division and ID'd. Great research project.
  8. Indicator of what, that he can't fool anyone with a fake?
  9. Stainless steel D-loop? And look at those long legs.
  10. This is true, and this village is less than 30 minutes from where I live in Wisconsin. I admit that I kinda dragged my feet on narrowing this down to one soldier but, am back at work on the research and hope to have something soon.
  11. A few years ago when I first saw one of these badges, I was drawn to it. However, these have never really been nailed down. As discussed previously, some think that it could be 92nd Division or an unknown AFS badge. Of course we may then ask, could it be something worn by the American Red Cross in Italy, or could the badge be a fantasy piece or maybe a private purchase? Then we must factor in that there is no photographic evidence from this time period showing this badge. We have a lot of unknowns. I want it to be legit and we have seen several of these in recent years but, that's
  12. I have seen this trend toward heavy scrubbing or even like this one, sanding of the lot stamp. I am guessing guys do this to make it easier to read?! However, it is destructive and if someone was trying to sell me a legit WWII lid and I saw this on the inside, I wouldn't even want it. What is worse, the dating chart that everyone jumps on as the end all, is actually only a ballpark idea on the dates and the lot numbers. It was based on a sampling of several 100 helmets. This is a rather small sampling of helmets by comparison to actual production numbers. Even the authors of the
  13. I'd have to agree with Marty, Vietnam or even National Guard, time period: mid-60's to 80's.
  14. Good eye on the name and hopefully you get something on the ID. As for the overpaint, I highly recommend leaving it the way it is. This has too many risks involved and potential destruction. If it is vesicant under the overpaint, you will destroy it. You already know what vesicant does with goof-off.
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