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  1. Don't worry, I am very familiar with C.S. Lewis. Everyone can have their own choice, even if they are conscripted they fight for their own justification. I'm not a "fallen" Christian or anything like. I am forth generation Atheist - all but one of those generations have served too. I often go out of my way to befriend padres, because the best friends are those who you can disagree with. I am certain I can disagree with a padre any day of the week. Do I respect him? Absolute, Do I trust him? Absolute, Would I catch a bullet for him? Absolute, Would I be by his bedside arguing with h
  2. I might be backwards, I don't know. I was in hand to hand combat once upon a sweet while ago. They got me - I have a scared face that most people are polite enough to ignore - if anyone asks I just tell them "head on collision". The assailant I neutralised - I could have killed him, maybe I wanted to, but my ATHEISM would not allow me to kill him if I'd neutralised him. There was a court-martial, I defended my assailant. In fact I joked with him about the scars he'd given me. So easy to judge, so difficult to learn how to judge. .
  3. As if I've not got scars that'd scare any medic away (and they have). Your religion caused me to be heavily combat damaged? Thank you! If not, Hey we're supposed to be on the same side. If someone can find biblical passage that mentions foxholes......
  4. The bible? Plenty of battles in there. As a child, as almost all children, I was fascinated by books with pictures of aeroplanes, tanks, soldiers, etc on them. Being able to focus my long since vanished infantile mind onto a title, that's another thing. "The Longest Day" is a title that strikes me hardest. When I was 3, 4, 5 years old, the BBC would air documentaries on World War II almost daily (when the test card was the main player). I believed the war in black and white (European Theatre) had recently finished but the war in colour (Pacific Theatre) was ongoing. Thinking of Korea,
  5. Don't worry, I'm an Atheist. I am however reminded of a deal a friend of mine did. He was somewhat forced into it and resented it. His hatred of that deal burned inside him for decades and I was with him one day when he finally decided to incinerate the item in question. As he had always resented the deal from the minute he made it, the item was in a very poor state. By the time I had to extract it, it was probably 50% feline expressions as original content. He had me extract the item and put it on his burn pile, I was willing to go that far. He went off to get matches and the such to burn
  6. It's a double edged sword. There are cheap (not always uninformed) buyers that want to turn a quick profit, there are buyers with all the knowledge in the world but not the bank balance to support them. On the other side there can be extremely arrogant sellers, "If I say it is worth X it is and not a cent less" and a quick search can find the same product universally with a 0 or many missing. There was a shop I used to frequent in Stockholm. I never bought a single item - it was just amusing to see the prices. They had nothing that couldn't be purchased within walking distance but everythi
  7. How much you value something and how much you are willing to pay are two different things.... There are some things I own that I would never part with, yet if they were in other hands and up for auction wouldn't get a bid. It can be amusing how greedy people can get. Personally I would rather give something away than even consider debating price. A good example I have. A few years ago my colonel was talking to me about his interest in displaying helmets in a glass case in the barracks. He had two desires and was rather liberal with me about how much he wanted them and how costly they w
  8. If you're willing to collect what is there to be collected and be a little bit cheeky, you can get a very nice collection for little or nothing. Today's trash is tomorrow's outstanding collectable. There was an award (won't say which but a more "localised" one) that was created, an order was placed for 110 of the lower grade and 40 of the higher grade. Less than 50 of the lower grade and none of the higher were awarded. The awarding organisation changed name and these unissued pieces were just taking up space. I managed to take home 26 of the lower award and 13 of the higher. I'm just sit
  9. As Kevin said, everything and anything can be collectable, although communities and the level of interest can vary vastly. Also do not confuse collectable with valuable. Delving into areas that others overlook is a great way to not only snap up the bits no-one is focussing on but also gathering these bits together to then present them in an attractive manner. When you specialise in one of these "off the beaten path" areas you can often find you have a real piece of history in your hands that the world was previously oblivious to. If you want to study and educate yourself on a subject w
  10. I managed to find a snap of the BIGOT map that explains the minesweeping that will take place on D-Day. A very rare survivor with the bonus of X marks the spot! I've emphasised the drop zone in the second picture. The original map is a considerable size. The folded sections are just over 4"x6". As soon as I found the map I had it framed with all the correct hardware to ensure it survives as long as possible.
  11. Unfortunately the Air-Rescue Association have nothing on Knecht. All the awards, devices etc. are exactly as they came. So many awards of the Commendation Medal in only a decade does seem a little out of the ordinary, not impossible but not normal. It's just a shame the files aren't more available to check. From the interview he states that he went into the reserve before the Korean War only to return to the regulars, this may explain why the long service awards don't line up perfectly. I know he joined the USAAF on 30th July 1942, transferred to the reserve between the end of the war and Kor
  12. Wouldn't the awards have the name he served under? He wasn't Senior when he signed up. The other BSMs from the same source (photographed) had no issue with engraving etc, they were just "naked". I did track a recipient as mentioned. He confirmed it was his (as I sent images), so how can it be scrap and issued?
  13. Here is a SB-29, one of only sixteen produced. I don't know if this one was flown by Knecht (it has a different paintjob to the picture he shows in the video). Flying one of these round and round a bombing run will certainly have added to his 10,000+ flight hours. 2,500+ hours in a simulator?!?
  14. Minnesota Commendation Medal. I always try to keep groups together but it is impossible. I have reunited hundreds if not thousands of pieces over the years but that's just a drop in the ocean. This group sold for a pitiful amount, which is the main reason as to how I was able to save it. There is a list he compiled of all the aircraft he flew, I'll retrieve and post it soon.
  15. This video from the Library Of Congress certainly helps with the research! http://stream.media.loc.gov/vhp/video/afc2001001_038512_mv0001001_640x480_800.mp4
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