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  1. Hello, I found this manual, is it really for OSS? is it rare or common? thanks in advance Lolusmc
  2. Hi, A friend of mine have this WWII field Jacket with a name stencil and an unknow "Blue Bell" stencil, USMC ? civil use ? Regards lolusmc
  3. Hello, the FWC "French Welcome Committee" it's a French private organization who help Allied Soldiers in 1945, see the booklet "For You" FWC official guide book. LOLUSMC
  4. Hello, I found this picture on the net, and several things are strange I think this are Marines, but the camo's are not P42 camo suit (no chest pocket or EGA !), and I don't know this sniper scope model (right man), A5 ? Thanks for all LOLUSMC
  5. I have found this patch 25/30 years ago, US ? interpreter / traductor in a lot of SSI in US. LOLUSMC
  6. I find today in Internet some very good informations..........................
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