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    my collection : helmet M1 and M2 D bales of 502 PIR normandy.
    only helmet with heart without tic.
    Is it that I search, but I have currently other piece like a helmet 506 PIR for exchange with one 502 if you have.

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  1. Hello all. Joe B Abila is a paratrooper ? See my helmet. Camo used during Sicily in 1943 and Normandy for the 82nd. Regards
  2. Dear Thank you for your answer !!! sorry for my late, I don't received email at the forum that we have an answer on my topic! Great ! thank you soo much. How have you got all informations ?? I send you photos in next answer...
  3. hello I have a paratrooper helmet of a member of the 82nd. Inside i have the markage "JB ABILA". I think JB for first name and ABILA for name. I think it was in SICILE for operation HUSKY ( because he have painted a camo on the helmet ) and may be other like Normandy... Could you help me please. Do you have complet roster of 505,504,326... Regards
  4. Dear I present me. sorry for my bad english. I'm french. i collect objects of the paratrooper US jumped the d day. I have some objects in my collection. Helmet d bail, helmet M1, relic, parachute, cricket...I deal and I sale. I prefer to deal. And I prefer relic found in the earth. I search all of paratrooper 502 PIR. The principal thing that I search is paratrooper helmet of the 502 PIR of normandy. So only with the big or small heart on the shell. I like to watch all your objects too. I can help you for identification and may be it is me who want to know your advice. I'm happy to be here. Regards RD
  5. hello the helmet is sold. Thank you for all answers ! Best regards
  6. If somebody is interested to have it, is it possible. I search 502 of Normandy to deal. Contact me by email I'm waiting for the signification of the TORNADO
  7. Hello all Sorry I don't have mail of the forum that you post answer. Ok see other photos. No problem with helmet. I see the finish army serial number inside the helmet. The number is 43. We have one paratrooper in 326 aeb who the ASN finished by 43!! Sgt james F. O'Laughlin !!!! it appartened of the C/326 1st Platoon. I found information about it. Did you have more ? https://www.fieldsofhonor-database.com/index.php/en/american-war-cemetery-margraten-o/57347-o-laughlin-james-f http://www.image-heberg.fr/files/15208472542143250620.jpg http://www.image-heberg.fr/files/15208472991035796290.jpg What did you think about TORNADO so ? I see that you post other helmet with TORNADO... Regards RD
  8. Dear all Sorry for my bad english , I'm french. I have this helmet paratrooper. I clean it this weekend and I see "E" at left and right and white point at 9 o'clock. I see other white point in the front and back. I found in internet that is it the C/326 AEB paratrooper. They are jumped with 3/506 I see other markage with black paint in the front of the shell : TORNADO. Is it certainly a nickname of the para. Could you help me to identify this para please ? Do you have list, photos with this helmet bfore d day, name of veteran which still exists of this C/326 ? or 3/506 ? because they are ine the same plane. Thank you soo much Regards
  9. Hello all I am passionate about the Second World War. I live in france so my English is not good, I apologize in advance. I particularly collect objects related to the 502 PIR only from Normandy, including objects from the field (from digging or recovering from inhabitants). I search, I sell and I exchange everything on the 502 PIR Normandy. My collection focuses on helmets. I have helmets with heart insignia M1 and M2 D-bales. I am also here to share my knowledge on this theme that I know well because I have been doing this for several years. For the rest, it is you who will teach me. See you soon Raphael raphaeldurand33320@gmail.com
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