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  1. Okay, here's one I have not seen before. WW1 pattern helmet made of aluminum. Liner is a green wool type and the chinstraps are leather but missing. No markings on the helmet whatsoever. The helmet is painted green and the paint is original, but there is no texture to the paint. CD helmet? The liner is held in place by a rivet, not a screw. Any ideas here? Do not own the helmet, so I cannot post pics. Any help would be appreciated. The patent number on the liner puts the date around 1924-25.
  2. ronl

    Confederate Blade

    Thanks, guys. This blade was rescued from an old bus that was going to be crushed many years ago. The pictures made the knife look much better than it actually is. I doubt if there could be any marks found on it due to the rust present, and I certainly do not want to clean it in any way. I do not believe the handle is original to the blade and there is what appears to be a repair to the back of the guard as it was brazed. I'll get the knife and do a good search for any markings.
  3. Posting this for a friend. He was told it was a Confederate D-guard Bowie. He's thinking of selling it and he needs to know a ballpark figure. Is this a Confederate blade? It is pretty rough. No markings.
  4. I have an original WW2 web sling and it came on my 03A3. It was rebuilt in '44 as the barrel is dated 3-44 and the sling is MRT marked and dated '44. The rifle has the original FJA cartouche on the stock as well as the SA rebuild stamp. My sling is olive drab , certainly not the mustard color.
  5. I have had a WW2 Purple Heart named to Frederick B Cannon for a few years now. It came in the box it was shipped in from the Philadelphia QM Depot along with a letter to his wife. He was from Henrico Co. Va. and had no children. His ASN was 33631864, and that was all I could find out; until tonight. Cpl. Frederick B Cannon was in the 17th AB, 680th Glider Field Artillery Battalion, Battery A. He died on Dec.25th, 1944. His plane went down as the unit was being ferried to the front to help in the Battle of the Bulge. I always wondered what had happened to him. Now I know. Some of the best finds are the stories of what really happened.
  6. Was digging in my closet tonight and found this. I take it that it was a custom tailored officer's Ike jacket. It seems as though there was never any insignia or rank pinned to the jacket. Only thing is the green felt attached to the epaulets and a cut edge 29th ID patch. What does the green felt signify? One web site I visited stated that some senior officers had their ike jackets custom made. Anyone here verify that? I can't remember where I got the jacket and I've had it for years.
  7. A woman asked me to look at a "rare army cot" that she has. It is unusual as I have not seen one like it before. She called it a captain's cot. The bottom folds out like an accordian and the top of the cot is secured to the bottom by metal hangers shaped like the bales on M-1 helmets which are spaced out along the wooden sides of the cot. The cot is in a canvas case secured by a leather strap. It is light OD canvas. I could find no martial markings or makers marks on the cot, only an M-3 inked on the top of the cot. I told the woman it was probably a commercial cot rather than a military one, as there were no markings or dates on it whatsoever, but I wanted to check around and ask those who may know a little more than I. I have no pics but I may take some tomorrow. Just want to get another opinion. Anyone out there an expert on army cots?
  8. ronl

    Early Flight helmet

    Were these helmets used at the same time as the P-1B thru P-3 helmets because it has the same type mic jack as those helmets do. When was the earliest these helmets were made? BTW, Feel free to PM me with an offer.
  9. ronl

    Early Flight helmet

    How much is this group worth, any clues?
  10. Can someone please tell me which type of flight helmet this is. It came in the helmet bag shown.
  11. A pic of the vest and booklet.
  12. Found a decent '70 dated M-69 frag vest at a local flea market for $10. It still had the little booklet in the pocket in the back.
  13. It is a helmet that possibly went through 3 Wars. The green painted clips on the helmet chinstraps are definitely KW era as is the liner. I've bought several helmets that have parts from different eras. Not that unusual at all. Nice helmet.
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