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  1. Here is a view of the Mt. Vernon around 1917, before she received her dazzle paint scheme. The U.S. Navy has several images through her service career. Since my museum (Reed Gold Mine, Midland, NC) is having a WWI exhibit in April and May, we are showcasing this ship due a local gentleman loaning us items from his grandfather who served stoking boilers on this ship during the war.
  2. I know this post is quite old, but I recently came across this set of pilot wings, that I am 90% sure they are fake, but wanted to run the images by the forum for confirmation.
  3. Thanks guys. I thought they were genuine, but thought I would get a second opinion.
  4. Came across these AMCRAFT Pilot wings I am interested in, but not sure if they are original. Opinions?
  5. Tomcatter those are some nice wings. I did notice in the Air Officer's Guide, 5th Edition from 1951 it shows these wings, but everything else is still the WWII wings. I also have a 2nd edition from 1949 that does not show them (as I remember). Based on that, and your guess, 1950 was probably the first year of issue for this USAF wing.
  6. Not sure how often a Meyer USAF Navigator wing with the late 40s - early 50s mark shows up. They are not marked sterling, but I am sure they probably are silver based on the date of manufacture. Thought I would share for those interested in early USAF Korean era wings. Usually I just see the Meyer 9M or 22M marks when I peruse the internet. Can provide more images when I receive these wings in the mail.
  7. Ok, thanks. If I get a chance to run by this museum, will see if I can get it corrected. There were no ribbon bars on the ike jackets I have from him, so I wonder if he just put all of them on one jacket.
  8. Here are the ribbons. Sorry for the grainy pic, found on the museum website.
  9. Hello, I am curious about awarding the Good Conduct Ribbon. I know of a vet who served in the USAAF / USAF from 1945 - 1949 and 1951 - 1953. I have his WWII era Ike and USAF transitional Ike jackets. His full Korean era uniform resides in a local museum. His ribbons are on that jacket, and shows 2 US Army Good Conduct ribbons stacked on the 2 bottom rows. Why would someone receive this twice? I know the USAF awarded this medal before a true Air Force Good Conduct medal was created. His other ribbons are based around the Korean Conflict that I can tell.
  10. Here is the previous discussion on AMCRAFT - GEMSCO that I found: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/273125-amcraft/?hl=amcraft
  11. Don't mean to start anything, just trying to learn more about wings. Will have to look into Amcraft - Gemsco discussions to see what that about.
  12. Thanks for the info. I was worried since the wings were not maker marked. Now to find some Gemsco wings to match the box.
  13. Hello, I bought these wings back in the late 80s / early 90s from amilitary store specializing in WWII items. I purchased several other items, since I was starting reenacting then. I never woukd have thought they might be repros, but since I am getting back into wing collecting, not so sure. As you can see in the pictures, they came in a Gemsco box, but the wings are only marked sterling. Opinions?
  14. aclfan

    USAF Wings

    Hello, I am interested in collecting USAF wings from the 1940s - 1960s period. I have started looking over Ebay and other internet sites for availability. I know there is a problem with fakes and reproductions with USAAF wings, but not with USAF wings. Is that correct? Did the USAF have the same size versions as USAAF? I have seen both 3 inch and 2 inch available, but not sure of the regulations. The Air Officer Guides only cover types, but not full use. I guess those under 2 inch are sweetheart pins?
  15. Lee, I know officer uniforms were procured, not issued. They are governed by the USAF for style, color etc. Since officer clothing may have USAF tags, I would think it was possible to purchase uniforms in the PX, especially for new officers assigned to a base. These would be basic, off-the-rack variety, but serve the purpose nonetheless. I believe my father bought his that way.
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