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  1. Recently got this one in and have been trying to research it ever since but with no luck. Hoping to find more info once NARA is back open. As of right now it’s ID’d to Lt. Robert O. Beadle, Co. “F” 41st AIR, later transferred to Co. “A” 6th AIR. His shirt features a very nice woolie 1st AD patch and his cutdown ike is heavily tailored. Definitely one of my new favorites!
  2. Thanks for the input! I have seen the CdG ribbon worn by other members of the 10th FA before, I actually own another uniform from a member of the same battery in the 10th FA and he also wore the CdG ribbon. Didn’t know that about the CIB either, thanks for clarifying it.
  3. Ike jacket of SSgt. William R. Ramuta, Battery “B” 10th FA Bn. Ramuta was born in 1915 in Illinois, eventually enlisting in 1941 where he would find himself assigned to the 10th FA of the 3rd Infantry Division. He would remain with the same unit for the entirety of the war, seeing combat starting in Algeria all the way to the Central Europe campaign. He wore the bronze arrowhead on his EAME ribbon most likely to denote participation in the Southern France landings known as Operation Dragoon. Ramuta would pass away rather young in 1966, following a brief period of illness. I’m curious to hear a
  4. It’s ID’d to T/5 Armando T. Chiuchiolo, 100th QM. Not sure on the brass either but everything else adds up.
  5. Here’s a couple of my 100th ID uniforms. Both are ID’d, the one with the felt backed CIB was from a vet that fought with the 63rd ID and was only transferred to the 399th infantry for demobilization.
  6. Very unfortunate to see that happen. From what I remember, it came from a collector that’s had a sketchy past with stealing items from shows and forging put together uniforms, groupings, etc.
  7. I had already tried searching the forum for a review and couldn't find one for some reason. Thought I had seen the name pop up on the forum in the past but couldn't remember exactly what was said about the dealer.
  8. Anyone ever dealt with this dealer? I sent them an email about a few items a week ago and haven’t heard anything back. Sent a follow up email two days ago and still haven’t heard anything back. Easily some of the worst communication I’ve ever had... every other online militaria dealer that I’ve dealt with usually responds within the same day.
  9. Here you go, as requested! The back of the studio photo states that it was taken at Keesler AFB during his training. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. A friend of mine in town asked if I wanted to come down to the shop to see some stuff he had for sale and I’m definitely glad I made the trip. Uniform grouping ID’d to TSgt. Homer Russell, 96th BG 339th BS. Russell flew in B-17 missions over the N. Apennines, Normandy, N. France, Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe. Although his original DD214 states that he was with the 339th BS, I believe he was a late war transfer to the unit, given his participation in campaigns that the 339th wasn’t a part of. The DD214 also does not mention his Air Medal award, however when I looked through the inter
  11. This one doesn’t look good in my opinion. From what I’ve seen, the invasion armbands for Torch were the same as the ones you would’ve seen for later war invasions. They were made from like a canvas material or something. Might be totally wrong though.
  12. They’re definitely postwar chevrons in my opinion.
  13. Never seen that black diamond before, awesome uniform though!
  14. No clue what he earned the BSM for, it wasn’t even listed on his DD214 for some reason. His American Campaign ribbon wasn’t listed there either. This one came from a seller that does estate liquidations, however I’m not sure if they cleaned Papp’s estate out.
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